Finding the Right Hairbrush For Your Dog

    Have you ever seen a giant fluffy dog that always seemed to have perfect fur? Assuming that the pup isnt the pet of a well-known pet stylist or dog groomer, chances are that the reason that dog looks so good has something to do with his or her pet care.

    Though there is something to say about good canine nutrition and having the right pet shampoo, its not always about that. Sometimes, the reason that dog looks so good has to deal with the brush that the owners use to keep their dogs coat looking great. Its a underrated tool that can make Fido look fabulous.

    Pet owners who want to see their dogs coat look beautiful even when theyve been taking a pause from groomer trips need to invest in a good dog brush. Believe it or not, finding a hairbrush for your dog is actually pretty easy to do, if you know what to look for.

    The most important things to look for in a dog’s hairbrush is deshedding and gloss.

    Dogs tend to lose the glossy look to their fur because they have hair that dies, but doesnt quite fall out in time to be properly shed. Then, when people pet them, the fur tends to fall out. A good dog brush, such as the ones that are offered by Michell Mercier Pet, will help reduce shedding and get rid of dead hair in a pinch.

    The other main aspect is helping the oils in your dogs coat distribute evenly. For this, the most important aspect to look for is a gentle brush that has bristles that dont irritate the dogs coat while still smoothing things out.

    Of course, it’s also important to find a brush that works with you, too.

    Regularly brushing your dogs hair is a must if you want to get your pups fur to peak condition. But, thats not always easy to do. If you have ever had to attempt to groom a very large, fluffy dog, then you already know that brushing your dogs coat is going to be a chore.

    Some brushes, like the Michael Mercier Pet brushes, come with a special ergonomic grip that allows your wrist to rest easy while you help your pet groom. The right grip will allow you to get more work done, without the strain on your wrist.  Thus making it easier to brush your dog as typically its a task within itself.

    Check out the Michel Mercier Pet video on YouTube:

    Michel Mercier Pets offer brushes from fine to thick hair for your dog.  Check out their line of pet brushes:


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