12 Drinks to Have the Classiest 2018

    Everyone loves a good cocktail. For well-traveled entrepreneurs as well as vacationers, some of the best drinks help us recall our fondest memories or hint at notes of warmth, a toasty fireplace and stories among friends on the best of occasions.

    Yelp, TripAdvisor and Hooch are among our go-to apps for looking up the best watering holes for the right occasion. For the few not in the know, the aptly named HOOCH app offers up a simple subscription for $9.99/mo that gives members one free drink every day at any of HOOCH’s partner venues, plus exclusive access to events. We’ve found Yelp to be potent for looking up stateside accommodations, and TripAdvisor is the best fit for when we travel abroad.

    That said, we’re into culture, and a combination of these apps can be as potent as any cocktail some of the best bars and lounges can serve up, especially in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami, with great new locations on each app every week.

    From the Broken Shaker on Miami Beach to The GIn Parlour in Midtown East, we reached out to friends and family to figure out where we can get the easiest holiday cheer through Valentine’s Day, with drinks free–or at a discount–and an ambiance to boot.

    San Francisco:

    1. Drink: Blood and Sanscrit

    Venue: DOSA on Fillmore, Fillmore District

    Ingredients: Beluga Noble Vodka, Cinnamon Anise Syrup, Pomegranate Juice, Citrus, Angostura Bitters

    DOSA launched as San Fran’s first South Indian restaurant where vegan and gluten-free Indian options meet some fabulous cocktails. Try the Blood and Sanscrit, a popular citrusy libation fit for nobility.  

    1. Drink: All My Friends

    Venue: Dirty Water, SoMa

    Ingredients:  Ginger-Infused Bone Snapper Rye, Benedictine, Grenadine, Luxardo Apertivo, Lemon

    You can find the ginger-infused All My Friends at Dirty Water. The SoMa hide out is located inside the Twitter building and draws a fun, techie-yet-hipster clientele.

    Hong Kong:

    1. Drink: Tiki Tonga Tang

    Venue: – Honi Honi, Cent

    Ingredients: Plantation OFTD, Maraschino Liqueur, Homemade Falernum Liqueur, Orgeat syrup, Grapefruit juice, Lemon Juice

    You can go bottoms up on the Tiki Tonga Tang at Honi Honi. The bar mixes in its own homemade Falernum liqueur!

    1. Drink: Spicy Kimchi Mary

    Venue: Jinjuu, Lan Kwai Fong

    Ingredients: Jinjuu’s bespoke kimchi spice mix, celery & black pepper infused soju, gochugaru (chili flakes), and fresh tomato Juice

    The Spicy Kimchi Mary is a favorite at Jinjuu, located in the Lan Kwai Fong district. The bar tops off the drink with gochugaru–fine chili flakes–to make this one extra special!

    Los Angeles:

    1. Drink: Golddigger

    Venue: Cielo, Long Beach

    Ingredients: White Rum, Blackberry, Cherry Herring, Orange, Lemon, Walnut, 24 kt Gold

    Cherry Herring, a cherry-flavored brandy, mixes smoothly into Cielo’s Golddigger in Long Beach, California. An adventurous rum, orange, lemon and walnut round out the mix. Just wait for one surprise!

    1. Drink: The Guava Rita

    Venue: The District by Hannah An, West Hollywood

    Ingredients: Olmeca Altos Blanco, Organic Guava Agave, Lime Juice, Kaffir Lime Leaf Tincture, Kaffir Lime Leaf Salt, Kaffir Lime Leaf

    The Guava Rita is the top drink at The District by Hannah An in West Hollywood. Get your hands on the Olmeca Altos Blanco for an extra kick!

    1. Drink: Oaxacan Razor Blade

    Venue: Resident DTLA

    Ingredients: El silencio mezcal, liquid alchemist orgeat, lime juice and Serrano bitters

    The Oaxacan Razor Blade cuts sharp at Resident DTLA. Part spice and part citrus, your thirst will be quenched by this one-of-a-kind drink for 2018.

    1. Drink: Cucumber Stiletto

    Venue: STK Los Angeles, West LA

    Ingredients: Ketel One Citroen, St. Germain, Muddled Cucumber, Mint

    Ketel One features prominently in the Cucumber Stiletto at STK Los Angeles. The bar features live DJs for a fun and laid-back atmosphere.

    New York:

    1. Drink: Walnut Sazerac

    Venue: The Rickey at the Dream Midtown, Midtown Manhattan

    Ingredients: George Dickel Rye, Nocello Walnut Liqueur, Absinthe, Peychaud’s Bitters, Lemon Twist

    The Walnut Sazerac is an absinthe-based drink featured at The Rickey at the Dream Midtown. Drizzled with Nocello walnut liqueur, this is one for all of the rye whiskey drinkers out there!

    1. Drink: The Retro Cosmo

    Venue: The Gin Parlour, Midtown East

    Ingredients: Vodka, Ginger Liqueur, Fresh Lime Juice, Cranberry Juice, Lemongrass Essential Oil

    The Gin Parlour is one of the few spots where you can find The Retro Cosmo–a spin on the ever-popular Cosmopolitan–featuring lemongrass essential oil. For all of the vodka lovers out there, this is one to try!

    1. Drink: Tipsy Pear Cider

    Venue: The Handy Liquor Bar, Soho

    Ingredients: Remy Martin 1738, Homemade Pear Cider, Benedictine, Autumn Spices, Fresh Lemon, Cinnamon, Brandy-soaked Pear

    The Handy Liquor Bar in Soho offers up the Tipsy Pear Cider, complete with Remy Martin 1738 and the bar’s own homemade pear cider. This one is a treat for any occasion!


    1. Drink: Hoochie Mama

    Venue: The Broken Shaker, Miami Beach

    Ingredients: The Botanist Gin, Rosemary, Tonic, Fresh Strawberries

    Down the infamous Hoochie Mama at The Broken Shaker on Miami Beach. A Hooch favorite for late nights in the 305, it includes The Botanist Gin, tonic, rosemary and fresh strawberries.

    • Jeremy Ryan Slate is the CEO and Co-founder of Command Your Brand Media, in addition he is the host of the top-rated podcast, Create Your Own Life.

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