10 Rock Songs that sound better on Vinyl

    Rock ‘n roll is a lifestyle, one of the classiest music genres of all time, a pillar of musicianship, and a legacy. Knowing this, we want to pay tribute to the format in which rock used to (and still) sounds the best – vinyl records.

    Sure, you can listen to your favourite guitarists on your PC, laptop and other smart devices, but the vibe, the feel’s going to diminish and expire this way. That’s the reason why we offer you a list of the best sounding vinyl records of all time.


    Black Sabbath – Paranoid


    Regardless of what music genre you prefer, there’s simply no chance that you never heard about Ozzy getting ‘Paranoid’. This is a relatively simple rock song with plain licks, or at least that’s the impression you’d get while listening to it on a digital platform.

    Geezer’s bass is not as pronounced as it is on the vinyl, Ozzy’s mesmerizing mumble-singing loses its charisma on the digital record, and of course, the legendary Tommy and his guitar – they just don’t sound so epic. Get Paranoid on vinyl, you’ll notice the difference.


    Led Zeppelin – Houses of the holy


    The instruments on the Houses on the holy are purposefully muddled up a bit so as to accentuate Plant’s soothing voice, the bass is strong and precise, and the simple drum pattern makes this a very cheerful, downbeat song.

    However, try listening to it on vinyl – the muddiness of the guitars gets put into perspective, Plant’s backing voices sear the record, and the ‘oh-so-simple’ drums get alive.


    Steve Vai – The Animals


    Steve is one of the world’s most famous guitarists, and every single thing he’s put out during his career should be listened to on vinyl exclusively. However, the reason why we thing ‘The Animals’ is a song you simply need to listen on the vinyl platform is because it’s a bit heavier than most of his other stuff.

    He’s soloing throughout the entire song, so it’d be hard to focus on anything but his unparalleled mastery of the licks, but the song in its entirety loses a bit of its flair on a digital platform.


    Yngwie Malmsteen – Black Star


    Just like Steve Vai, Yngwie is a world-class musician, a master solo guitarist, and an unmatched composer in this genre.

    We don’t even need to explain why ‘Black Star’ should be a vinyl-only song – there are a few dozen guitar tracks which smoothly entwine and overlap, transitioning from one beautiful solo to the next. This song was made to move people, whereas on vinyl, it’d be safe to say that it could move mountains with ease.


    Deep Purple – Burn


    There was not, isn’t, and won’t be a band as complete as Deep Purple. Literally and above all objectively speaking, these guys are some of the finest musicians, and just one of the songs where they all shine is ‘Burn’. Try it on vinyl so that you can marvel at the vocals, the old-school Hammond, and some of the rockiest guitar riffs ever invented.


    Deep Purple – Child in Time


    If we’d made a ‘top100 songs you need to listen on vinyl’, Deep Purple would’ve made at least half of the list. The ‘Child in Time is a classic, that’s a given, but the reason why you need to try listening  it on vinyl is because of the progression, the dynamics, and the sheer staggering number of details in it simply can’t reach their full potential on a digital format.


    The Animals – House of the rising Sun


    Here we have something a bit different. House of the rising Sun is a simple song with a lot of acoustic parts. That means that digitalized there’s crackling when the Hammond piano overlaps them, the cymbal-heavy drum section only accentuates that. Hear it on vinyl so you can enjoy it as it was meant to.


    Megadeth – A Secret Place


    Megadeth is a heavy metal band, but they occasionally make rock songs, such as She-Wolf, Tout le Monde, and, of course, A Secret Place. What happens when you mix up some of the nerdiest and skilful musicians with a ton of experience and inspiration and rock influences? You get A Secret Place – the one that simply doesn’t reverberate and resound with as positive vibes on a digital platform.


    The Scorpions – Still loving you


    A ballad, true – Still Loving You is one of the most mainstream songs this legendary band’s made up to date. Be it as it may, this is a powerful, moving song, one with touchy lyrics and plenty of emotions behind it. If you really want to grasp the full extent of it, you simply need to give it a go on a turntable.


    Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody


    A tribute to late king of r’n’r Freddie Mercury, as well as a tribute to ‘his tribute’, the movie which bears the same title – Bohemian Rhapsody is simply one of those songs that can’t be described with words.

    ‘Beautiful’ is too weak, ‘crazy’ is too sane, and ‘perfect’ would be a major understatement. If there’s one song that needs to be put on a vinyl-exclusive base, that’s Bohemian Rhapsody.