Z Cavaricci Makes a Comeback, Will Gen Z adopt it?

    Whether it was crop tops, shirts with logos, off-the-shoulder tops (and with leg warmers), many of these trends that dominated late 1980s and 1990s fashion are making it way back on the runways. One of the iconic brands from this period is now approaching its 30 year anniversary: Z Cavaricci which was known for cat-eye pants which were high-waisted, pleated, tapered and ankle-length design with multiple belt loops (we even rolled the bottoms).

    Z Cavaricci debuted in 1987, exemplifying the excess of the era, and quickly became a must-have for a young generation X. Fast forward to 2017, James Cavaricci, who founded the brand back in 1982 in LA, is hoping a Generation Z will embrace this throwback look. James is self-funding the brand’s resurgence with a limited anniversary collection of Five Hundred pieces for women (sorry guys). It’s priced starting at $225 to $245 and will be “available in fine line twill and Japanese denim, the pants will be available exclusively online.” according to BusinessofFashion.com 

    When asked, James shared “I’m pretty confident that these will become collectibles immediately and we’re really very excited to launch them,” Cavaricci told BoF. “We already have plans in the works to expand the line into a men’s and women’s brand, bringing Z Cavaricci to a new audience which I hear is already called Generation Z.”

    I wonder if Gen Z will roll the bottom of the pant like we did.

    Photo Source and Original article: Business of Fashion


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      never thought that they would EVER make a comeback

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