Would you like to Buy Active Instagram Followers?

    Buy active Instagram followers and likes helps to increase the authority of your account.If you are interested in growing your Instagram account, we recommend that you consult our guide on safe and legitimate buying of followers. To expand your online profile, you can also consider making money with blogging and with your own YouTube channel. While it is important to ask the company about their ethical practices, there is nothing wrong with the concept of Follow4Follow or Like 4 Like. In social media this means: “I will follow you if you follow me”, or in a similar way for likes.

    It is common and perfectly logical that on Instagram you meet people within your field, ideal customers or people with similar interests. Then why would you not want to follow them if they are interesting? Why not want to see their messages and, hopefully, convince them to like your messages too? (Note: If you need ideas, check out our article on how you can get more followers on Instagram).

    The only thing that will suspend your account is if the company you work with has no idea what they are doing and has no sense of time. They will post and follow messages without distinction and this at a ridiculously fast pace.

    This usually means that they opt for a more human approach and actually share the content with real people. Real people don’t like everything they read immediately. They click and view the content first.And admit, 50,000 guaranteed followers in a day sounds terribly robotic, doesn’t it? It is no coincidence that chances are that the Instagram police will tick you with such an order.

    Here are some General Options:

    Option 1: Follow Other People First

    This method means that you follow large numbers of people and like their messages, hoping that they will also follow you and like your messages. There is not necessarily anything wrong with this technique, but if you exaggerate and follow hundreds of people in a short time, many social media sites, including Instagram, will punish you with a temporary suspension.Some companies offer to follow other users and need your ID and password to take over your account for a limited time. It would of course be a bad deal for you if this company would get you suspended.

    Option 2: Hire an “Buy Instagram Likes” Company

    Another option is to collaborate with a company that has a network of dedicated followers that put your profile and messages in the spotlight to generate massive followers and likes. This could be a good idea. If the company really knows what it is doing. Buying likes is an expensive affair and guaranteed results can lead to a form of automation. Users can pay up to € 225 for 50,000 likes, or even up to € 1,600 for 20,000 new followers.

    Many people complain about the crackdown on Instagram against spam accounts, but the truth is that Instagram is unlikely to care about what happens on your page unless there is spam abuse (such as mass tracking or massive licking in a very short period of time). Blank content and no followers are much worse for the algorithm, so the focus should be on posting beautiful photos and getting likes in any legal way. We have an article for you with some useful tips for getting more likes for your photos in natural and organic ways.

    User networks can consist of human users with mutual interests who work for a marketing company. Or it can be a network of fake accounts and spambots. The challenge is to research the company and ensure that these likes are acquired in a fair way.Why is this so important? If you work together with an unfair company, you will not receive protection and new followers or paid likes may just disappear.

    Option 3: Collaborate with Influencers

    Another option would be to buy Instagram likes in an organic way by doing what big brands and big-name influencers do: collaborate with another influencer and create a campaign together. This usually produces a lot of likes and follows, because it is big news. Some people simply have a natural ability to find followers quickly. Don’t you believe us? Take a look at the top 15 Instagram celebrities with an insane number of followers!

    You can’t just ask to work with a big-name influencer or brand, because they usually only work with people who are already successful in marketing on Instagram.

    Think of “collaborating with other brands or major influencers” as an idea at an intermediate level, after you’ve already achieved some success yourself. However, what you could do to buy Instagram likes is to work with another Instagram user, who has a similar number of followers. If you both join forces and help each other by developing content and maybe giving away prizes for free, you can “buy” Instagram likes in an indirect way.


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