Worst TV Commercials Over The Last Decade

    With the recent controversy over the Peleton ad with a husband giving his wife a Peleton bike, we decided to it shed light on other horrible ads over the last decade.

    Racist Dove Ad, 2017

    In the ad, a black woman removes her T-shirt to reveal a white woman.  Click below to see for yourself:

    Hyundai, “Pipe Job”, 2014

    A man was about to kill himself by locking himself in his garage while the car was running.  A bad time to promote 100% water emissions:

    Kendall Jenner, “Live For Now”, Pepsi, 2017

    Kendall believes she mediate systemic injustice with a Pepsi can.  Hope someone got sh&t canned for this.  Watch the full video below:

    Ashton Kutcher, PopChips, 2012

    Yes this is when Ashton plays an Indian Bollywood producer looking for love.  His career has since rebounded, but it definitely is not one of his finer moments:

    Burger King, 2012

    Mary J. Blige randomly appears to sing about the benefits of crispy chicken, perpetuating stereotypes about African-Americans and fried chicken.  She was unaware of the how the commercial was edited:

    Groupon, 2012

    This was actually a SuperBowl commercial where actor Timothy Hutton makes a sincere plea for the Tibetan people, then pitches $15 lunches through Groupon, wtf?

    Heineken, “Lighter is Better”, 2018

    A bartender slides a beer down the bar past 3 black people and ends in the hand of a light skinned woman, the tagline, “Lighter is Better”, check out Noah Trevor’s take on this horrible ad:

    Chinese Detergent company Qiaobi, 2016

    This is not American ad, but definitely deserves to be on the list for worst ads of the decade. It depicts a black man going into washing machine, gets bleached and comes out a skin Asian Man.  Worst part it was a spin off an old Italian ad that was equally racist stating that “Coloured is Better”:

    Hopefully this next decade ads are better than these……


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