Travel Tips: 5 Ideas to Have Fun in the USA

    The USA is a very diverse country. This is an amazing combination of modern cities, wild ranches, green parks, uninhabited territories and many things opposite to each other. The versatility of local entertainment and leisure opportunities is striking in its diversity and accessibility.

    As a result, many travelers choose the United States for their next vacation or weekend. But what to do upon arrival in America? Check out several options and choose the best one for yourself!

    • Short road trips



    This is a favorite vacation option that will be interesting and exciting at any age. Couples with children prefer to rent road trailers or minivans, while youngsters are used to traveling in fuel-efficient cars. It’s very easy to pick up a car in the USA at any location, for example you can find under 25 car rental in Orlando and they are ready to work even with young drivers. The cost of the car is approximately $25-35 dollars per day for economy models. Also, you can pick up and return the vehicle at different points to make your adventure as interesting as possible. In any case, car rental under 21 in USA is your key to vivid emotions and endless miles of new experiences. 

    The fact is that within 6-12 hours’ drive from any major city you’ll find a national park, nature reserve or wildlife sanctuary.

    The most famous and frequently visited are the Grand Canyon, Yosemite Valley, Everglades Park, Sequoia National Park, Death Valley, Yellowstone Park and many other interesting places.

    The admission price to the parks varies from $10 to $30 per person, while the main tracks are equipped with free parking for car travelers.

    • Sports



    Traditionally, American sports are basketball, baseball and of course American football. Almost every state has its own famous team, which is supported by more than 90% of the state’s inhabitants. So, for San Francisco and California, the national symbol is the Giants baseball team, which is the winner of the World Series. But no game gathers as many fans around the TV screens as the Big Game – Super Bowl.

    It seems that in every house or bar in the USA, life freezes for these few hours and revolves around another successful touchdown.

    Therefore, in order to feel the American spirit of competition, buy a ticket for one of the local football teams.

    • Comedy and stand-up shows



    This is a very popular activity for Americans to laugh in the company of several close friends after a hard week on Friday night with a glass of wine or beer. Comic stand-ups and political jokes, especially relevant during presidential or state senate elections are traditional themes for stand-up comedians.

    Artists performing in the genre of comedy or stand-up usually adhere to one of two formats of performance: complex, multi-layered makeup, numerous costume changes and perfect mimicking, or the diametrically opposite option – the complete absence of surroundings and only the power of the word. No wonder the most famous motivational speakers come from North America.

    In any American city you will see many announcements of upcoming stand-up performances, and it will be a great idea to experience it.

    • Musicals and music shows



    The talented emigrants Herbert, Friml, Romberg and others in the years preceding the World War I laid the foundation for the development of the musical in America. In the period of the 20s and 30s, which is the “golden age” of Hollywood, new composers Jerome Kern, George Gershwin, Cole Porter came to musicals and brought true American jazz rhythms.

    In the future, the shows become grander and more spectacular, special effects and choreography become more complicated. Today, the center of incredible shows is the famous New York Broadway, known to us from thousands of films with its magnificent signs, posters and the proximity to the bustling Times Square. 

    • Farmers’ markets and food festivals



    It may sound strange, but delicious food is actually one of the symbols of the country. Not a single official event or even a business meeting is complete without food or at least snacks. The recent fashion trend of healthy and organic foods is gathering a half of the area’s residents at Sunday’s local farmers’ market. A variety of forms and cooking styles attracts true vegetarians, raw foodists and just those who want to try home cooking.

    Of course, the famous dishes of American cuisine – pizza, burgers and baked chicken are on the menu of 99% of establishments and usually have their own secret recipe from the chef. 

    Thanks to the influence of immigrants, in the list of American favorites you can see a famous Italian pizza and Thai noodles, Chinese chicken in sweet and sour sauce and tacos, an Ethiopian meat plate and even Russian pies

    The ability to enjoy life, genuinely cheer for your team, succumb to pleasures, is perhaps exactly what distinguishes people of North America.


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