Workout Wednesday: 4 Tips For Growing Gorgeous Glutes [Featuring Fitness Expert @StephRoweFit]

    Ladies, spring is upon us and let’s face it… most of us, are not ready to throw on a bikini and bare it all just yet. How is it almost summer? Opps. Luckily there are actually a few extremely knowledgeable professionals gracing the front pages of our social media feeds with their finely chiseled bodies and fit expertise. #LifeGoals

    It is no secret that magazines and of course, our beloved Instagram feeds are deceiving as f#%k; there is a photo editing app for just about everything you could possibly want to fix about yourself… (trust us, we have already tried them all). But one thing you can’t edit is what you look like in real life, and I think it’s safe to say that nobody wants to be the girl who looks better on Instagram. We all just want to add mass to our ass and be the subject of #ButtEnvy. Am I right? I mean, is that so much to ask for?


    These days, I honestly am so tired with work and life that I, like many others, find myself wishing that I could be one of those people who don’t have to kill themselves to have an insane physique. But, that is unfortunately just not the case for me. The whole facade of unrealistic social media trends and tight tummy teas detoxes (or whatever) just do not do it for me. Personally, I am more likely to be motivated by before and after pictures. They show us that not only is it okay to be a bit vulnerable by showing our once poor lifestyle habits, but more importantly, that we can make positive changes to meet our goals and improve our quality of living (while also inspiring others). Plus, who doesn’t love a good transformation story? They give us hope that, no matter how far off track we may fall or what obstacles in life we are faced with, it is possible to get our act together and prevail against the odds. BOOM!


    Stephanie Rowe, fitness expert & owner of Front Rowe Athletics, is one of our favorite social media fitness personalities whom which we can always count on for science-proven tips and some authentic motivation. Her ‘real-life’, no sugar-coating approach only adds to our appreciation for her philosophical fitness posts. She doesn’t have thousands of social media followers for no reason!

    We’ve teamed up with @StephRoweFit and put together 4 of the best booty-building moves to help you kick a** in the gym. You have got to try them!

    Sumo Squats
    You don’t have to be a pro at navigating your way around a gym to at least be familiar with the concept of a squat… (if you haven’t done one in the gym, you’ve probably at least once in your life, had to resort to squatting to pee in the woods or on the side of the road somewhere; it’s not the same form but you get the point). Sumo squats target the inner thigh abductors, which connect to the glute/hamstring tie-in, helping to build up and give a nice lift to your backside.

    How To: When doing the sumo squat, keep your feet at a wider stance than a regular squat. For best results, turn your feet slightly outward. This will target your glutes rather than just your legs.

    Pro Tip: Stability is key. Find a focus point in front of you and keep mindful of your balance. Nothing else matters in the moment but building those glutes!

    Abductors (Using Machine)
    I know what you’re thinking… the dreaded awkward machine at the gym where you just pray you don’t make eye contact with some weirdo while you are going through the movements. I get it, this exercise is a bit funny looking, but trust me if you want a firm, round booty, with a nice transition to your legs, this is for you. This exercise will target mostly your medus and a tad of your gluteus maximus.

    How To: Sitting stationary on the machine, slowly press your legs outward against the machine (separating them from each other). The trick here is to pick a weight that allows a slight pause when contracting. Breathe in while slowly allowing your legs to come back together.

    Pro Tip: You can also try this exercise standing backwards on this machine and pushing your legs outward for even more of a challenge.

    Single Leg Cable Kickbacks
    In order to sculpt the fine details on your bottom, try single leg cable kickbacks. Not only will this help shape your butt, but it will also strengthen those muscles. If you don’t want to or don’t have the option to use a cable machine, a tubing band will work just as good – and even give you the option to choose different levels of resistance.

    How To:  Strap up (one leg). Slightly sit your hips back – you want your hamstrings and glutes to have a little bit of a stretch. Level your hips and tighten your core. Lift the strapped leg directly behind you in an upward direction. Squeeze the glutes when you reach your max comfort height. Return the leg to the starting position. Finish out reps and then switch legs.

    Pro Tip: To achieve the full benefits of this exercise, make sure you fully extend and pause at the top. The contraction at the top is what helps you really build the muscle.

    Hip Thrust (With Barbell)
    Ok… so, we have saved what we feel is the best, for last. Thrusters are a leathal weapon if your mission is build “that ass”.  They target the ENTIRE glute! Hell yeah. You want do these at 1.5x your body weight.

    How To: With your feet shoulder width apart, place a barbell across your hips. Let your hips drop. Next drive your hips towards the ceiling with your glutes. Again, it’s that full contraction at the top where the magic happens. Squeeze. Bring back down. Repeat.

    Pro Tip: As you get improve and get more comfortable with this exercise, you can start to try thrusters in different forms. The cool thing is that there are so many different variations (one leg, using bands, etc.) that will make your workouts more challenging and interesting as you progress on your journey towards rounder, more full glutes.

    shutterstock_273097466By simply adding these exercises to your mandatory weekly to-do list, you will be on your way to achieving your glute-goals… and who knows, you may even end up being someone’s “#BodyGoals”. We all have to start somewhere…

    Now stop procrastinating and get your butt moving! Literally.





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