Why Your Business Website Needs to Stay Updated

    Google Search is used by around 75 percent of people when they look for information or services online. According to the 2018 statistics report on Internet usage penetration in the United States, 89 percent of the adult population use the Internet. The two main categories for which the Internet was used were social media and search engines.

    Why SEO and Web Design are So Important

    If your business is not prioritizing the development of its website and search engine ranking, your competitors in a similar field could overtake this sector of advertising. It has been statistically proven that the normal web user does not look past the first five listings during their information search.

    The numbers get even more severe. According to Advanced Web Rankings, the longest standing rank tracking tool in the world, over 67 percent of all search engine result clicks go to the first five results on the list. After those first five listings, things get really bleak. Statistics reflect that 95 percent of all web traffic never goes beyond the first page.

    Why Does Search Engine Ranking Matter?

    The higher a business ranks in an organic search, the higher CTR (click through rate) its website will experience. The CTR for websites on the first page of a search engine is 71 percent. This drops to 6 percent if the site is on subsequent pages.

    The reasons why this is the common practice among internet users are numerous. People trust that the first five results on a page will be the most recommended. They also believe that the company website would not be so prominently displayed if it was not the best in its field.

    Other factors that may keep Internet users on the first page include: running short on time or wanting a result in the shortest time possible, boredom at the thought of scrolling down further, and eagerness to get on with whatever task brought them to the search in the first place. Whatever may be the reason for the lack of impetus to broaden a search, if your business website is not on the first page and your competitor is on it, that can be bad for your company.

    A Beautiful Website

    Your Business Website Needs These Vital Design Elements

    Another main factor in determining whether an internet user chooses a company’s site to get information or take some other action is the look of the website itself. According to data gathered from Google, between 51 to 60 percent of all Internet searches are done on mobile phones.

    If your website does not have a mobile-friendly design, then the user might leave and click on the next listing. Being mobile-device friendly also counts when a business wants to rise in the rankings.

    If you want to redesign your company’s website and/or rank it on a search engine’s first five listings, it’s vital to employ -a SEO company and web design service that provides high-quality, successful results such as Portland SEO Company & Web Design Services by Driven Web Services.


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