Why Transcription Services Are Essential for Your Business

    With multimedia marketing on the rise, podcasts, file sharing, live casts, e-modules, and explainer videos are just a taste of the content you have to produce to stay relevant. But no matter how high-tech some of these advertising essentials might be, you’ll always need a transcript of these audio and visual formats. 

    While you could transcribe in-house, outsourcing is an easier, more convenient option, especially when you partner with super fast transcription services that understand the meaning of tight deadlines. Here are three of the biggest benefits of partnering with a professional transcription service. 

    1. Makes Your Video and Audio Content Accessible

    Even the best audio content poses an insurmountable barrier to the deaf community. Not only does it silence the message embedded in these posts, but it also raises a red flag to this demographic, showing you don’t care about their experience. 

    The solution? Hire a professional to create captions or a free-standing script. Adding this text takes your multimedia to the next level, making it accessible to Deaf and Hard of Hearing visitors, shareholders, and employees.

    A professional will expertly edit the script of any multimedia post, providing a flawless text copy of your audio and video content. This way, people who can’t hear won’t miss out on the important messages you have to share. 

    2. Helps Your Content Rank Higher 

    Like many businesses, you’re probably already investing some of your marketing budget in an SEO campaign. Short for Search Engine Optimisation, SEO ensures your brand gets exposure when people search online for relevant keywords associated with your services. 

    Your video or audio content may be chockablock with important keywords, but it won’t do anything to help you rank for these keywords until you transcribe it into text. Uploading your multimedia with a script helps get more content and keywords on-site.

    Transcription services go hand in hand with your SEO strategy, especially if you optimize your page by adding keywords to its metadata, headers, and alt tags. It also gives you a chance to interlink to other pages. These internal links encourage visitors to explore your website, and they bolster your site architecture. 

    3. Transcribe Minutes to Be More Organized

    While the best transcription services strengthen your external communications, it’s also a helpful tool for internal housekeeping. For example, you can have your audio or video recording of important meetings, conferences, and interviews transcribed to the utmost accuracy. 

    Outsourcing these transcription services helps you meet fast-approaching deadlines while freeing up your administrative team for other important tasks. 

    It also ensures an experienced transcriber is on the job, regardless of your industry. You can find transcription service companies that have legal, marketing, and financial specialists. This way, you can ensure your AGMs, Board of Directors elections, and quarterly financial reviews meet compliance. 

    The Takeaway

    A professional transcriber creates inclusive, rankable content that’s easier to index. Considering all these factors, it’s vital you find an expert that produces meticulous work with a fast turnaround. Only the top companies can handle this kind of pressure with ease.


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