Why School Is No Longer Necessary To Succeed

    New Theory hosted Kylon Gienger who is known as the Successful Dropout 

    Go to school, get good grades and choose the right university. That was the roadmap from our parents as they left out the part about student debt, entrepreneurial ideas not to mention technological advancements. Although I subscribe to the belief that’s it better to be educated. In 2017, if you have the time and resources it makes perfect sense. But it’s not always the best business decision.

    I spent nine years at night getting my undergraduate and graduate business degree, and although I learned a ton and met some great people along with way, I don’t need an MBA to what I’m doing now.

    This is the reason why I wanted to have Kylon Gienger who hosts the Successful Dropout Podcast. There is a community of “dropout” small business owners and Entrepreneurs who follow Kylon as he shares his journey of success down what once considered an alternative path.

    Take a listen to an excellent interview with Kylon Gienger:

    To learn more about Kylon, go to his website: https://successfuldropout.com/



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