Why Do People Vape?

    Vaping has grown to become undoubtedly popular in today’s fast-paced world. Stress is at an all-time high, people are frustrated with a variety of things, and vaping a few hits of cannabis just takes the edge off. I think the bigger question is why don’t more people vape?

    There seems to be an influx of aggression and violence portrayed on the evening news, and one eventually comes to wonder: Why don’t these people just take a hit and chill the f- out? Well, it is not that simple. The complexities surrounding today’s social climate cannot be ignored. The truth is that many of those people who are in the middle of the chaos are already die-hard vape users.

    In fact, without the calming effect that cannabis imbibes within people from hitting a vape pen, I feel more insanity would be flooding the streets. In this article, we will be taking a look at why people vape in the first place, and how it helps them to buffer the harsh realities of life.

    Why People Vape Wax Pens

    With cannabis consumption being so common, concentrated forms of the plant have sprung up to include vape pen devices that are able to accommodate them. Specially made vapes that are able to utilize a heating coil to place wax directly upon are tailored to specific temperatures to allow for the proper release of vapor from the wax.

    Because the wax is so potent, less is needed to medicate and achieve the desired effect. Like dry herb vapes, wax vapor tends to be light and full of flavor, though not as complex as dry herbs which encompass a plethora of raw terpenes and flavonoids. People choose wax pens like the SteamCloud Mini 2.0 and the SteamCloud Box Mod for their efficiency and convenience.

    Other wax vapes such as the Dr. Dabber Switch and the Puffco Peak are much bigger and provide users with a hard-hitting experience while simplifying the process over traditional dab rigs. So to highlight why people use wax pens:

    • Wax is more potent, so you need less
    • Sessions are much shorter and convenient
    • Most use wax pens instead of rigs because of how much easier they are
    • Wax is a great medium between dry herbs and oil
    • Maintenance is not much of an issue
    • Wax is very potent, often providing the euphoric high that people seek which helps with many issues involving anxiety, aggression, etc.

    Why People Use Dry Herb Vapes

    Everyone has smoked a bowl or joint at one point in their lives, right? Dry herb vape pens are the next step beyond what you can get from either spliff or a bowl. The truth is that smoking can be very tough on the lungs, especially for those who have asthma, are tobacco smokers, etc.

    The majority of dry herb vape users are either smokers, former smokers, or beginners into the world of cannabis vaporization. There are even combustion vapes such as the AGO from Darkside that introduce the user to the concept of vaporization by first igniting the herb just as you would with a pipe. The difference is that you do not need any special equipment or accessories such as a lighter to smoke your bowl.

    Down the line, you can slowly transition with this pipe into vaporization by simply inserting a glass screen into the unit. Many find that dry herb vaping is the perfect stepping stone for other more concentrated forms of cannabis. Some vape enthusiasts out there are fine with dry herb vaping as part of their preference.

    3 in 1 vapes like the SteamCloud Box Mod take the best of every modality and allow for interchangeable atomizers to maximize versatility for the user. To highlight why people use dry herb vapes:

    • They are perfect for beginners
    • Most people prefer the full flavor profile that dry herb vaping offers
    • The light and wispy nature of dry herb vapor is perfect for stealth hits
    • Greater temperature control
    • Most people are familiar with dry herb cannabis vs other forms
    • Little need for extra parts ie coils, atomizers, etc.
    • The familiarity of dry herbs in vape can provide the user with a much more mellow high than those found from wax and oil concentrate vapes

    Why People Use Oil Vapes

    The versatility of oil vapes like the AGO and SteamCloud Box Mod makes them the most popular types of vapes on the market. Compatible with both e-juice and oil concentrates, oil vapes are renowned for their enormous vape cloud production. If you have ever seen big, bearded hipsters puffing those huge clouds walking down the street to attract attention, then they were likely hitting an oil vape.

    These are popular as people expect that a vape can live up to or at least provide the same appearance and reaction that smoke does, which is ironic given how people vape to stop smoking. The practical use of an oil vape pen comes with its ability to use flavored e-juices that offer the user an alternative to harsh tobacco smoke.

    Being the strongest of the three, people opt for this type of vape when they want to surround themselves in a safe space of heady goodness. It does go without saying that because of the conspicuous nature of oil vapor, most who use these do so when they just do not give a damn who notices.

    Oil vapes are just easier to use with just the click of a button. An efficient means to enjoy cannabis that conveys a message of sleek efficiency is why most people go for oil vapes when life gets a bit too rocky. So, to highlight:

    • Oil vapes are the strongest, offering the user short sessions
    • Can be turned on with either a draw or push of a button
    • Last much longer due to the concentrated form
    • One can carry multiple tanks or pods and switch them out at any time
    • Most oil vapes can also accommodate other materials as 3 in 1 vapes, making them the most versatile


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