What Is a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

    Of all the vaping modalities that comprise the world of vaporization today, one stands out as being the most popular, which is the method of dry herb vaporization. While this can be debatable among those who favor box mods and e-juice for their thick cloud production, most first-time users come as former smokers, easing their transition into vaping using this modality.

    Because most are familiar with dry herbs in the form of smoking, the idea of vaping them instead to reduce the amount of damage caused by the smoke is an attractive appeal. All kinds of users come to know dry herb vaporization for its full flavor profiles and ease of use.

    In this article we can take a much closer look into the world of dry herb vaporization and see why everyone from total beginners to seasoned pros prefer this particular method of consumption for their dry herbs. We will also be looking at the differences between convection and combustion vapes.

    Convection Vapes

    Convection vapes like the Titan 2 and the E-CLIPSE are prime examples of herb vape pens on the market today that utilize the method of convection vaporization. They work by simply heating up the dry herb indirectly in a chamber with a separate heating element. The dry herb is gently heated to release the compounds known as vapor, which happens to be very light and wispy.

    This is also noted by the full flavor profiles provided by this particular form of vaporization. Because the dry herb is gently heated up, combustion does not form, and one can get the most out of the dry herb in the chamber. Most of these vapes have precision temperature control to regulate and tailor the level of vapor that you receive.

    The higher the temperature, the thicker the vapor. It is always advisable to start at the lowest setting and work your way up in order to get that sweet spot. Unlike other vapes that utilize other modalities, most dry herb convection vapes do not have a detachable chamber. This is due to the fact that these types of vapes only specialize in dry herbs and usually come with a simple brush to manually take of dry herb particles left over after a session.

    Combustion Vapes

    Combustion vapes like the AGO from Darkside are ideal for smokers and those transitioning into vaping for the first time. This is due to the fact that many are used to the feeling that smoke produces on the inhale. Most of that is all but lost in a convection vape. Combustion vapes work by igniting the dry herbs on a heating coil without the use of lighters. 

    While this type of vaporizer is preferred by many first-time users and smokers, you will inevitably run into the issues normally associated with dry herb smoking. To mitigate these issues, you can simply insert a glass screen into the vape to allow it to perform much more like a convection vaporizer.

    Another great benefit to using a combustion vape is its inherent ability to adapt to the environment. Unlike traditional smoking methods that demand that weather conditions be ideal in order to initiate a session; combustion vapes can be used outside in virtually any weather condition since no lighters are used and threatened by the surrounding environment. Just one click of a button is all it takes to start a hit.

    Benefits of Using a Dry Herb Vaporizer

    1) Better for Your Health than Smoking – While smoke turns dry herbs into ashes and can create health problems down the line, dry herb vaporizers provide a much healthier alternative without producing harmful by-products associated with smoke production. Dry herb vaporizers in general will not ignite the dry herbs in the chamber provided they are not overpacked.

    Convection vapes work by surround the outer chamber with the desired heat and blowing the hot air into the dry herb to provide a thorough bake. This releases the compounds that actively collect during inhalation to produce a light vapor that is filled with flavor. This is due to volatile compounds such as terpenes and flavonoids produced by the heat.

    2) Stealthier than Other Methods – Unlike other dry herb vaporizers out there such as a desktop vape, dry herb vaporizers are ergonomically designed to fit into the palm of your hand and be used strategically in an inconspicuous manner. This is ideal for those on the go who want a much quicker session.

    The good part here is that the vapor itself dissipates rather quickly into the surrounding environment without creating much of a lingering smell. Unlike smoke that is blatantly noticeable, dry herb vaping methods will not readily give away your activity, especially from a distance.

    3) Very Easy to Use – Whether you choose to try your hand at a convection or combustion vape, it all boils down to a matter of personal preference. They are both extremely user-friendly and have an incredibly short learning curve. After your first or second time going through the process of loading and initiating a session, you get the hang of it.

    Combustion vapes are even more straightforward with their simple loading and smoking process. It should be noted that it is also much easier for a beginner to ease their way into vaping if they start out with a combustion vape. Not needing a lighter and being familiar with smoking are ideal conditions to transition into vaping using one of these vapes.

    How to Maintain a Dry Herb Vaporizer

    The good news here is that unlike other popular vapes on the market, most dry herb vaporizers need very little maintenance throughout their lifetime. You will discover that the most attention you will spend cleaning a dry herb vape will be spent on the mouthpiece! Unlike a pipe, there is no need to clean out the chamber since the dry herbs never combust.

    This in turn does not produce the heavy buildup and residue normally associated with traditional smoking devices. Still, most of these come with a brush to loosen up any particulate matter and prevent the accumulation of micro residues. Over time you might have a slight stickiness to the inner chamber, though this will not create a problem if you brush it out after every session.

    For those who use their dry herb vaporizer very heavily or frequently, it is advisable to at least use a q-tip to swab the inner portion of the chamber if you find that the stickiness attaches more dry herb particles to the chamber. This will allow the hot air to more effectively heat up an area that would otherwise be impeded by the chamber and reside itself. Of all the dry herb vapes out there on the market, dry herb vapes are the easiest to maintain.


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