Why Buy GoPro Action Camera to Capture Your Adventures

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    Only skydivers know how it feels like to jump out of a perfectly good airplane and falling through the air at a speed of 100+ mph or, dive across the colorful ocean reefs. They see the world from a unique point of view. With an action camera on their helmet, they record the most vivid facet of the Earth and let you experience some of this sensory overload when uploaded on YouTube.

    Flow with the new technological tide

    Go Pro is light years ahead of other brands in the market. Your Go Pro is underwater-ready with better contrast and clarity. It generates more details in the highlights and shadows. The dynamic range has also been upgraded. It gives perfect outcomes and requires no light, no color correction, and no filter.

    Shoot long time-lapse

    Shooting long time-lapse was a challenge with GoPro; but not anymore. One problem was storage space which can be solved by adding up to 64 GB memory cards. Another challenge in shooting a long time-lapse is keeping the camera on. However, if you are looking to film time-lapse for longer than two hours, you can choose any of these GoPro camera solutions:  

    • 1260 mAh extended battery

    This battery can be plugged directly to the rear side of the camera. These batteries are simple to attach and also fit into the regular GoPro slot. You can buy extra doors separately or most of the time, they are included in your original GoPro camera box. 

    • Brunton ALL DAY 2.0; 5000mAh extended battery 

    Brunton All Day 2.0 batteries are waterproof. This 5000mAh powerhouse battery is nearly four times the power of the GoPro Battery BacPac. It can give about 17 hours of time-lapse shooting out of a single charge. Like the BacPac, you can expect a self-contained, highly mobile, water-resistant package. 

    • External Intervalometer

    GoPro has recently begun opening up its products and making them compatible with third-party developers. One such external part is the intervalometer. It is the internal controller that looks after a time-lapse. 

    There is small external intervalometer available from companies offering Gopro camera solutions, which works with a little different approach. Instead of adding an extra battery or power backup, it saves the power of the inbuilt battery by switching it off in between shots. 

    You can take nearly two thousand shots with whatever interval you choose – for a few hours or weeks. The external intervalometer is small and can easily fit inside GoPro housing via an extended backdoor.       

    Stand-alone but compatible with smartphones

    Used as stand-alone cameras, GoPros are also fairly compatible with iOS and Android devices when connected through an app. There are apps available through which you can add more functions to its action-packed features. You can display a live feed of your captured videos or images instantly on your cell phone, using Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth. 

    Flexibility to carry

    Put it on piano, strap it to poles, mount it on bicycles or wear it with your headband – its versatility and durability will certainly impress you. GoPro frees your imagination by letting you capture moments that seemed unbelievable a few years ago, especially with external GoPro camera solutions. Hence, GoPro is your must-have travel companion. 


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