Why Business Leaders Trust Marion W. Cain III To Level Up Their Speaking Skills

    Marion W. Cain III aka the “The Kharisma Coach” is a legendary public speaker who believes that anyone can become an active public speaker. The Kharisma Coach has over 20 years of knowledge stemming from 9 academic degrees. He has delivered speeches to crowds of over 35,000+ people and has traveled around the globe, engaging in public speaking. Cain is also a model and a prolific global risk manager. He has trained hundreds of people, including CEOs, athletes, and social media influencers on matters such as interpersonal relations, negotiations, and how to dominate the stage. In addition to all these accomplishments, Cain is also a best selling author.

    The Kharisma Program

    Marion W. Cain III started a seminar dubbed “Instant Kharisma” program. The word, “Kharisma,” stems from the Greek term χάρισμα (khárisma), which means “divine gift.” Cain chose this term to inform people that every one of us has a unique gift that is buried deep inside of us. Cain’s task in this seminar is to help his clients locate, develop, and unlock this God-given gift. A seminar is a teaching event. During this event, clients get one-on-one mentorship and coaching. Cain also owns the Kharisma Mastery Program. This program provides clients with a variety of services such as writing speeches, developing new content, curate video, linguistic/dialect support, interview and hosting coaching, and crisis management. The Kharisma Mastery Program also dresses/styles their clients remotely and onsite.
    The members who engage in the Kharisma Mastery Program get to learn from the guru himself. Cain has delivered speeches in 11 stadiums including Qualcomm stadium that holds 35,000+ people. He has traveled to 27 states and seven countries providing speeches. Furthermore, his skill in speech enabled him to sell over 10,000 cars in some of the most hostile environments in the world. Cain has settled over 2500 cases in some of the world’s most hostile courtrooms. As a global risk manager, he handles accounts of above $100M. Cain’s competence makes a talented trainer with enough experience and knowledge to turn anyone to a professional speaker. Cain is an alumnus of Sedgwick Russell Acting School. He has acted in feature-length films that have been featured globally.

    Target Clients

    The Instant Kharisma Program is eligible for everyone. If you consider yourself an uncharismatic, boring leader with a desire to increase your revenue or brand recognition, then the program can be useful for you. Entrepreneurs understand the value of dominating the stage, including the social media space, video, podcasts, and face to face conversations. The Instant Kharisma program is instrumental as it teaches you how to dominate this space when the stakes are high by imparting you with key presentation, sales, and negotiation skills. The program gives knowledge and skills needed to conduct a critical presentation, critical sale, and critical negotiation. You may have it all, a professional career, a great body, and an excellent education but for you to make it to the next level, you need charisma. This program will give you the skills need to generate revenue from sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Google, podcasts, and many more.

    The Instant Kharisma Package

    The program is designed to deliver fast results. It consists of categories such as kharismatic presentation domination. This program teaches you how to give an influential speech. This category covers concepts such as mastering the art of speaking in public, how to structure a presentation worthy of a standing ovation, and how to convert a one time customer to a lifelong customer. The second category dubbed the billionaire body language teaches candidates how to make a lasting impact on others. This category teaches candidates how to communicate with listeners from a subconscious level and advanced body language secrets. There are many other categories entailed in the program, for instance, the Million Dollar Mouth, Kharismatic Crisis Management, and Kharismatic Sales/persuasion. Once you enroll for the program at only $1497, you will experience a nine-week program that covers all these categories. The program also comes with bonus features such as lifetime access to the “Instant Kharisma” private Facebook group. This group is designed to help keep the members accounted, connected, focused, and motivated.

    The Instant Kharisma program offers you a personalized assessment of your inner strengths and weaknesses. This realization will help you develop a specific plan to eliminate your defects and enhance your key strengths. Thanks to the coaching from the Kharisma team, you will be able to present yourself as a perfect person with the ability to influence, motivate, and connect people from all backgrounds.


    • Tony "Disrupt" Delgado

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      Tony Delgado ( @disruptceo ) is a Puerto Rican-American software developer, businessman, activist, philanthropist, tech entrepreneur, and founder of Disrupt Magazine.

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