Why Asphalt Resurfacing is Essential For You?

    Are you looking at the cracks appear in your drive way and giving it a weird look? What impression would it be on your customers when they enter the parking area of your shopping centre and an old, dull and uneven pavement welcomes them? That will be a bad impression and an embarrassing. 

    Asphalt resurfacing is the thing that saves you from embarrassment. Asphalt resurfacing means the resurfacing of your asphalt driveway or parking lot. 

    When you do asphalt surfacing, it means you are replacing the upper layer of asphalt with a fresh layer. It gives a fresh look to your driveway or parking lot that not only increases the life of your driveway for at least 10 years but also increase the number of visitors to your business location.

    This article will give you an in-depth analysis of why asphalt surface and resurfacing is important and what makes asphalt surface powerful and strengthening material. 

    How To Do A Perfect Asphalt Resurfacing?

    There are several steps involve in asphalt resurfacing process.

    • The process starts from the removal of old asphalt layer that needs to be replaced. The important thing is that old asphalt can be recycled and is reusable during asphalt resurfacing.
    • Surface should be properly graded and has proper slides for proper water drainage to avoid damages to the surface.
    • Sub base needs to be prepared carefully as it does not only provide stable surface for new pavement bit also protects from winter damage due to freezing and thawing. 
    • Once graded, sub base should be proof roll to see if something still needs to be done.
    • After preparing the base structure, the next step is the installation of new asphalt layer that is made of small aggregate, soil and oil.
    • While asphalt resurfacing, it must be taken care of that the points where new asphalt layer meets the old layer, should be sealed properly for longer life and better water drainage. 

    Why Asphalt Resurfacing is Essential?

    Asphalt resurfacing has shown better durability, smooth driving experience and resistance against climate changes. Lats have a look how beneficial it is and why it is is essential:

    Avoid Complete Deterioration

    Asphalt resurfacing on appropriate time saves the structure from complete deterioration. If cracks on the surface or on sides on the road have been detected they need to be looked after as soon as possible.

    Unattended cracks can lead to portholes that will result in complete deterioration of road if not repaired or repaired badly.

    Cost Effective 

    Asphalt resurfacing is a low-cost option as compared to concrete. Its ability to be recycled is another reason behind its cost effectiveness. 

    Another thing is that a timely asphalt resurfacing when the cracks or portholes are smaller, can save a lot of dollars for you rather than repairing the complete roads when cracks turn into something else. 

    Enhanced Tourism

    Major part of tourism depends on the condition of the roads. Better roads mean better will be the tourism in those areas as it will be easy for tourists to reach every place.

    Asphalt resurfacing makes it sure that the damaged asphalt layers have been repaired and there are no hazards on the roads for tourists due to deteriorated asphalt layer.

    More Friction

    The standard friction on the road is necessary for smooth driving experience. Asphalt provides the required traction for smooth and safe driving. Asphalt is made of stone mix, binding agent and aggregates that provides the right amount of friction for vehicles to safely start, stop and perform manoeuvres.

    Asphalt surfacing makes sure that you get all the benefits of smooth roads as mentioned above. It also helps in reducing the number of accidents on the roads and reduces the congestion. 


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