Which Online Trading Solutions Are Best For you?

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    According to a recent report in Financial Times, the European Union is to kick start the corporate bond market. It suggests that due to the poor transparency of the capital market, the investment exchanges and fund managers are all set to jump-start into the bond market for complete fresh trading. As the bond market is about to get pushed, the traders need to select the perfect trading solutions. The requirement of the right trading software is not just for the bond market; it is necessary to trade any other instruments like commodities, ETFs, currencies, etc., online.

    Traders generally use a combination of different trading software daily that is directly linked to the database. Today, we discuss the most effective trading solutions offered by the banks and brokers so that you can find the most suitable one. This forex trading course may also help. 

    Automated Trading system

    A software system where all solutions are operated by artificial intelligence, an automated trading system is for people who want to do nothing. It usually has little to no customization option, and all the solutions come in different packages. The ATS systematically performs what the traders enter, and the trader can set the code basis on their investment strategies. The advanced machine also does bidding for the customer and develops a watch list. Selecting an automated trading system provides you with the advantage of handling extremely high volume orders in a quick time frame. ATS is also capable of scalping.

    Manual trading system

    This solution involves humans participating in the decision-making for entering and exiting the trade. Manual systems work best for infrequent trading since it requires active human participation in practical judgment of a particular position. Through manual trading, humans can place buy and sell orders. When the trading enters some subjectivity, it requires manual software. In simple terms, the trader is responsible for all the decision-making, while the platform’s role is to execute those decisions.

    Advisory trading system

    As the name suggests, this system mainly advises the traders regarding which trade needs to be made and when the right time is. The primary purpose of this tool is to monitor the market closely to find out the favorable situation for the traders. The profitable trades are calculated based on the parameter of specific features such as price, volume, etc. It can also decide when it is not the right time to trade. Like other automated trading solutions, the Advisory system does not depend on any human decision and psychological states.

    Customized trading solution

    A relatively new trading software, customized solution puts the traders in the center of attention. Traders can execute different features of both automated and manual systems into one solution. In addition, the customized trading tools ensure high-speed data analysis and solve the complex mathematical problem algorithm.

    Lastly, the decision of choosing a trading solution depends on your preference and other market strategies. Hence we are suggesting you choose it wisely as different markets require specific solutions.


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