How to Make Your Business Stand Out From Your Competitors

    When starting or growing a business you need to stand out from your competition in the eyes of both your customers and any potential investors or collaborators. Your first step should be to create a unique value proposition as this will help you focus on your goals and promises as an organization, forming a perfect basis for any future corporate decision-making.

    But, if you are struggling to differentiate your business from the competition then here are some tips to help your company evolve and excel. 

    1. Customer Service

    Plenty of companies claim they have exceptional customer service and deliver a unique experience to their consumers, but many fail to live up to these claims. Arguably customer service is THE most important aspect of running a business because you rely on word of mouth, customer reviews, and repeat business in order to keep your company growing and succeeding. Think of what you can offer to your customers that goes beyond what your competitors are doing, it is about more than just matching them – you need to go the extra mile.

    2. Address customer gripes

    What about your sector or service is a barrier for customers? What aspects of the experience is slightly more unpleasant or possibly time-consuming? If you address these things head-on and provide people with a solution to these problems, you will have a one-up on your competitors. For example, Dental Bliss is a dentist with a difference. They recognized that most people do not like the dentist and find it an unpleasant experience on the whole, meaning they may even avoid going completely. So, Dental Bliss created a spa-like experience where patients are provided with refreshments, noise-canceling headphones, and even get a massage while they wait – this tackled the various gripes such as the unnerving sound of dentist drills, the antiseptic smell, and fluorescent lights characteristic of most dentist offices.

    3. Focus on the niche

    Not many companies can successfully accommodate everyone, and attempting to do this can often end up negatively impacting the service they provide. It is not cost-effective to try and reach a wide variety of businesses or customer bases. Define who it is you serve and specify what your company provides. Make the most of your expertise and knowledge instead of stretching yourself too thin.

    4. Give something back

    Marketing yourself as an ethical brand or a socially responsible organization can help you stand out. In addition to this, you can really do some good. You can contribute to non-profit organizations, collaborate with charities, or get involved in your local community. This will be a huge feather in your cap and will help attract customers who share your company values.

    5. Create offers or guarantees

    Guarantees help reduce the perceived risk of purchasing your products or services and eliminate any hesitation they may have. This also makes your business seem more trustworthy overall. Guarantee product satisfaction or a certain experience or result, something that your competitors cannot offer.


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