Which Are the Leading Email Tracking Software in the Market?

    As life has become fast-paced, so has all our expectations. Waiting for email replies has also turned out to be time consuming and make us feel inefficient. Anticipating responses to an email is a thing of the past; instead, you can now track your email, get the information you want, and plan your business strategies accordingly. There are many email open tracking software in the market that will offer you such services.

    Email tracking makes it easier for you to understand your target audience and with whom to do a profitable business. This feature gives a fair idea about who is interested and who is not towards your company. Apart from applications like Mailtracker there are other tools that you can use but I suggest mailtracker as the best one. This software also works as a file sharer, meeting arrangers, email scheduler, and many more. 

    Benefits of Email Tracking

    Before heading into knowing which are the best email tracking software in the market, let us understand how you will benefit from email tracking services.

    • Saves time

    If you track an email, you will save a lot of time. Email tracking will help you know whether you should invest in that recipient.

    • Efficient 

    Tracking lets you understand how interested the receiver is towards your emails and the links attached to it (if any), and it will result in letting you decide on your marketing strategies.

    • Provides insight

    Email trackers have additional features such as knowing your recipients’ interests and connecting to their social media handles if at all they choose to do so. This information will aid you in gathering insights about the recipient and improve your plan accordingly.

    Top Email Tracking Software

    After learning about the benefits of email trackers, let us now take you through the top leading email tracking software list in the market.

    • Mailtrack (Our Recommendation)

    This tracking tool is appropriate for solopreneurs, small business owners, and freelancers. Mailtrack does as its name suggests – track emails only.

    MixMax is slightly advanced tracking software. Along with tracking, it also has features like arranging instant meetings, email scheduling, sending bulk emails, creating polls and conducting surveys, and bringing all the data in one palace to increase efficiency.

    • Bananatag

    Just like MixMax, Bananatag also tracks emails along with executing several other tasks such as email scheduling, email templates, and email analytics.

    Gmass is another email tracking platform that provides many features that will increase your Gmail account productivity. You can merge emails with Google Sheets, schedule emails.

    • SalesHandy

    It is another popular email tracking platform that also offers email scheduling along with tracking.


    These email tracking software are the best in the services they provide and are leading in the market right now. We are hopeful the details of the email trackers mentioned above have helped you make things clear about what you are looking for in your software. These products are sure to simplify your choice and help you grow in your business.


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