When Pain Peaks Pleasure: From Wax to Climax

    We have all heard the expression ‘beauty is pain’, but what happens when it turns to pleasure? I guess for some women, you know, the “50 Shades of Grey” type, the line between the two can often be blurred. However, never would I have guessed basic maintenance and hairless upkeep could turn so erotic, especially when it’s often an embarrassing or taboo topic.


    Whether we are getting professionally waxed or laser-ed, most women do a quick google search before selecting a salon or med-spa. Discount menu, always a plus, but definitely not before choosing a place with high ratings or a bunch of positive referrals. After all, this is my bikini line we are talking about here. It’s awkward enough walking into an establishment when you are a waxing or laser hair removal virgin. You look the technician in their eyes, and both participants know what is about to go down. This just got personal. A total stranger is about to see my va-hina. And why do we do this to ourselves again? Simply so we can transform our physical form to be as desirable as possible and ready for the dirty deed? Funny thing is, there is nothing sexy, about what it takes to get sexy. In our heads, it’s actually quite a cringe-worthy experience. After having to answer invasive questions like, “Have you ever had any STDs?” or “What’s the status of your menstruation cycle?” By the end of it you are left thinking, this person really knows me better than anyone. But of course, we all understand why these particular questions need to be asked prior.

    Yet, we still approach the situation as if we are being set up on a blind-date with our potential soul-mate. Trust and commitment is essential during this completely platonic and unromantic partnership. Please take everything off, lay bottomless on the table, spread eagle and… Ready. Set. Rip!



    Most recently I was trolling the web for deals on beauty services and stumbled across the headline on Glamour, “I Almost Had an Orgasm From Laser Hair Removal”. (Talk about a 5 Star Yelp Review)

    Well if that doesn’t make you stop dead in your scroll, I don’t know what will. Although many of us gals do go that extra mile when it comes to our cosmetic and grooming rituals, especially hair removal for flawless skin, after reading that, sexy smooth had a whole new meaning. I mean come on, lasers are a beauty tool, not a sex toy! Right? Well, apparently that’s up for discussion. Between the warm sensations of gels and formulated serums, the firm pressure of circular motions, the tense pulsations or quick sting of the strip, and the lead up of anxious energy being released, more and more females are confessing to their out of the ordinary contact.


    New Theory polled 100 women aged 21 to 39 to get the low-down about their down below. Things just got weird.


    As if it wasn’t hard enough to achieve the Big O, 85 % of women feel their hair removal methods or sought after services are intimate or bonding experiences, while only 34% have admitted to being aroused during the act. 64% say they require manual stimulation, a.k.a. outside assistance, in order to get to where they want to go. 42% of technicians attest to the fact they see physical evidence of arousal while performing such procedures.

    While truly accurate percentages are hard to pin down, experts say most women need to ask themselves where their female pleasure actually comes from. More conversations will help research uncover the truth behind closing the gap between pleasure and pain. No boyfriend? Not a problem. Book your next hair removal session and see if you really can find love in a hopeless place.

    Gif Meg Ryan

    [Editor’s note: This was as told to story. Surprisingly—or not—no expert we contacted to ask if orgasms are a common occurrence during laser hair would provide a comment.]

    For more waxing fun times or information on permanent hair removal, click here!

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