When It Comes To Pop Culture Knowledge, SUPES Has You Covered

    Pop culture is the material culture and traditions of a particular society. It also refers to those types of media that have mass appeal and accessibility. Pop culture is divided into sports, news, fashion, slang, technology, and entertainment (video games, television, and music).

    SUPES impacts the lives of many people by helping them stay positive and motivated through pop culture.

    Who Is SUPES?

    Matt Ramos, aka SUPES, is a prominent pop culture journalist, entrepreneur, and public speaker. He creates content on social media to entertain, inform and inspire his viewers in pop culture. Having more than 2 million followers on social media, he puts a smile on the faces of his audience and uses his platform to raise money for different foundations and charities. Besides, his content is highly diverse and consists of celebrity interviews, unboxings, gaming, live streams, vlogs, reviews, and much more. 

    SUPES runs a company that builds a massive social media influence, a perfect stage for businesses and brands to showcase their value. They have partnered with some of the world’s biggest brands, such as Marvel, Warner Bros, SYFY, Hot Topic, and Disney.

    SUPES made a name for himself in pop culture by pursuing what he loves and creating content on social media. Being consistent helps him to keep moving and never feel comfortable where he is every day. This principle helps him stay ahead of others and brings a smile to people’s faces in a unique way through his content.

    Importance Of Pop Culture

    Pop culture benefits society in many ways. The first benefit is that it builds and strengthens interactions with people into the same kind of things. When people from different backgrounds hold events to celebrate pop culture, it helps foster bonds among them. Another benefit of pop culture is assisting people in growing and accepting, especially the vast representation throughout different pop culture genres. Pop culture is a protest tool that influences reference signs in various protest marches, which are the signs that go viral. Besides, it has evolved into a tool for propagating different social issues that run rampant but seem to be ignored. Therefore, it is primarily attributed to pop culture that today’s generation is more dynamic, vocal, and accepting about injustice and issues that plague society. 

    The third benefit of pop culture is that it’s used to spread awareness to the youth and children. When spreading awareness, they use pop culture icons. 

    The fourth benefit is that pop culture encourages conversation. Knowing different pieces of pop culture gives you something to talk about with someone. 

    Lastly, pop culture keeps you moving by giving you new experiences all the time and giving you knowledge of what is going on in the world around you. Pop culture is always on the move because it gives you exposure to new stories, new ideas, new writers, and artists when new movies, games, or books come out.

    Pop culture serves an inclusionary role in society as it provides opportunities for communal bonding and individual happiness. For more information about pop culture, connect with SUPES on Instagram.


    • Tony "Disrupt" Delgado

      CEO of Disrupt Magazine

      Tony Delgado ( @disruptceo ) is a Puerto Rican-American software developer, businessman, activist, philanthropist, tech entrepreneur, and founder of Disrupt Magazine.

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