5 Tips for Creating an Employment Contract

    You have passed the selection process and the company offers you the hiring.When signing an employment contract, you can have many doubts.Let’s see 5 tips for create an employment contract procedures before signing the contract.

    1. Have the Social Security Affiliation Number

    If it is the first time that you are going to work, the company will ask you for the Social Security affiliation number, since it is necessary to be able to sign the employment contract and for the company to register the worker.If it is the first contract, the normal thing is not to have that number and to obtain it can be done in two ways:

    • Make an appointment at an office of the general treasury of social security, and present the official application form. There they will provide the assigned number.
    • Request it through the Internet, on the social security page, if you have a digital certificate.

    2. Is it Necessary to Register as a Job Seeker Before Signing the Contract?

    To sign a contract it is not necessary to be a jobseeker, but some companies ask workers to be so in order to have Social Security bonuses for hiring unemployed workers. For this reason, it is sometimes necessary to register as a job seeker before signing the employment contract. We always recommend that those who are looking for a job for the first time sign up for unemployment from the first moment, since this will give them some advantages.

    The company has to deliver a copy of the employment contract to the worker. You should do it at the time you sign the contract, and if you don’t, you can follow these tips to get a copy.

    The delivered contract must be stamped and signed by the company. In the case of signing other documents, the company will have to give a copy of everything that is signed.

    In certain situations in which legal infractions were reported by the company, such as forcing the worker to previously sign a voluntary withdrawal, the judges have admitted as evidence provided by the worker the recording of the conversation at the time of signing , although the businessman did not know what was being recorded.

    3. Find Information about the Company

    Companies screen candidates before hiring. In some cases, they check the data on your resume, the previous work experience you have had and personal information on social networks.

    The worker must do the same with the company for which he is going to provide services, especially if it is a company that does not have many references. You can search for information about a certain company both by its corporate name and its CIF, entering it in Google (Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc). It is about verifying that the company really exists, its age and solvency, that there is no negative news about it or complaints about non-compliance or problems with the hiring of other workers. Sometimes some companies make fraudulent hires and it is better to investigate to avoid being scammed.

    4. You do not have to pay to Participate in Selection Processes

    Faced with the difficulty and desperation of finding a first job, some companies try to take advantage of it by asking for money to carry out job interviews or participate in a selection process or to sign the contract. You do not have to pay anything to participate in a selection process or to send a resume and if the company requests it, it should be a warning sign of possible fraud.

    Likewise, you have to be careful that the company does not ask you to call a phone to get some type of information and the phone is a payment number. Legislation prohibits the use of premium rate numbers to provide information about a particular job offer.

    5. Read the Entire Contract Carefully

    It is always essential to carefully read everything that is signed, but being the first contract it is even more important, since later on you will have more experience reading contracts. Although they say that it is a standard contract, that it is all legal, it is better not to trust and read it all. And the time to read it is before you sign it. In the event they are in a hurry, indicate that it is your first contract and that since you have never read one before, you need your time.


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