What Makes Cloud Shell Colony a Better Choice for CMP?

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    CloudShell Colony is a SaaS environment built for DevOps. It is offered as a service solution to streamline the provisioning and deployment of a complex application environment on your cloud platform. It has a unified orchestration layer connecting to cloud accounts like Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Kubernetes. This article discusses what makes CloudShell Colony a better choice for the cloud management platform.  

    Modular Approach 

    CloudShell Colony supports a modular approach to blueprinting. It allows DevOps teams to build their blueprints based on application building blocks. It also allows the developer platform team to include necessary guardrails for IT Ops. The Colony links the application development with infrastructure control, which helps the team lend their expertise without creating bottlenecks.

    Leverage Infrastructure

    The CloudShell Colony understands which cloud infrastructure is suitable for planning, development, testing, and production. It can deliver environments on-demand and offers smarter ways to leverage infrastructure.  Hence, it may be possible to deploy role and policy-based on-demand environments from a blueprint catalog. The Colony can deploy an environment with automatic setups, and health-checks. 

    Natively Source Controlled

    Any other cloud management platform may require exporting templates and blueprints to code format and source controlling from them. But, CloudShell Colony blueprints are 100% source controlled and synced with repositories like Bitbucket and Github. It means there are no additional processes or overhead to source control your design continuously. 

    Smart Integration with IAC

    With CloudShell Colony, developer teams can add Terraform modules as building blocks. This allows them to use Terraform assets in a controlled way that is essential for DevOps at scale. 

    Supports Deployment to Production 

    The Colony has a dedicated production environment that isolates repositories, cloud providers, and access. CloudShell Colony also supports blueprint deployment to production. Besides, it also promotes deployment to production strategies like blue-green. 


    CloudShell Colony is built on best orchestration practices and robust DevOps automation. It follows modularity concepts and also supports blueprint reusability. It allows developer teams to create blueprints fast and reuse them. It allows the building of a reusable environment in Kubernetes, AWS, and Azure. The environment contains load balancers, cloud services, serverless functions, computer instances, and network and security elements.

    Seamless Plugin to CD/CI Pipeline

    The CloudShell Colony supports native integration with DevOps and popular tools as it supports CircleCI, Azure DevOps, Jenkins, TeamCity, and others. The built-in plugins support developers’ needs without burdening them. 

    Support Security Needs 

    CloudShell automates whole environments established on immutable infrastructure principals. This allows dynamic cloud configurations at setup and teardown and helps DevOps at scale.

    Cloud Cost Control

    CloudShell Colony helps optimize cloud spends and achieve accountability. It helps in automation and eliminates guesswork with automated tagging. 

    Benefits of CloudShell Colony

    • The Colony provides the environment throughout the DevOps toolchain. It allows the DevOps team to focus on innovation rather than waste time and effort on gluing pieces together. 
    • It helps reduce cloud sprawl (excessive use of machines) and allows tracing of cloud infrastructure utilization to business needs. It allows automatic decommissioning, tagging, and environmental policies.   

    CloudShell Colony offers unmatched flexibility and agility while giving complete visibility of the cloud infrastructure and usage. It helps the DevOps team to build on top of Colony software and test applications more efficiently.


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