Leveraging The Power of Video Marketing, Best Tips for SMEs

    Small business owners often find themselves in the soup when it comes to planning marketing strategies. Most of those businesses have big dreams, and their products or services usually aim at solving problems that people face daily.

    However, not being able to allocate a huge budget for advertising prevents them from portraying the product or service in a way that the business would want. As a result, the target group often lives in the oblivion of the existence of the business.

    Luckily, in today’s modern age, small businesses can rely on the power of video marketing to increase their reach in a manner they had always dreamt of.  This does not pull a string on their pockets and yet provides a fairground for competition with larger brands. Here, we shall discuss some tips that small businesses must keep in mind to make the most of video marketing.

    Increase Your Online Visibility

    Irrespective of the product or service that you are selling, in today’s digital world, most of your potential customers will be doing online research before parting with their money. It is interesting to note that most search engines are in favor of video content, and web pages with videos are more likely to feature on the first page of a Google search.

    Log on to www.videocreek.com/make/outro-maker to create a corporate video that will professionally showcase your product or service. This will help you gain visibility and come to the notice of people looking for similar products or services.

    As compared to reading a boring product description or blog, people prefer watching an engaging video. This makes them more likely to share the video among their peers and increase the reach of your band.

    Boost Clicks from Email

    At the core of any business lies the idea of giving people what they want. As a small business owner, you must have email broadcast groups that you use to reach out to your customers. 

    You will be surprised to learn that using the word video in the subline line of your email, results in a significant increase in the click rates. This is because people prefer watching videos over reading, and by giving them what they prefer, you are more likely to catch their attention.

    While including video in your mails, remember that most email clients do not support the inline playing of videos (yet). Moreover, having video increases the file size of your mail, thereby increasing its chances of being caught in the receiver’s spam filters.

    The ideal way would be to have the video thumbnail in the email body. Interested users will be clicking on it, and that will take them to the landing page you want them to see. On your website or landing page, it is you who has the ultimate control, and you can set the video for autoplay for anyone who visits the page.

    Better Product Understandability

    Most small businesses provide products that cater to the problems that the general public did not even realize.  This makes it very important for brands to explain their products (or services) to people so that they feel the need to buy what you have to offer.

    These videos show the product instead of just talking about the same. This puts the audience in a better position to understand the product, making them more likely to go for the purchase. A free Instagram video maker is one of the best tools that small businesses can opt for while preparing explainer videos.

    Smaller Investment Required

    Budget is one of the biggest pullbacks for small businesses. With video marketing, all you must do is brainstorm to come up with a unique concept. Prepare a script yourself and shoot the video. A simple mobile phone should suffice, and you can then edit it to perfection using any free tool available over the internet.

    Once you have your promo video ready, you can circulate it freely over your social media pages. It does not take any monetary investment to post your videos on YouTube, the second largest search engine (and the largest video search engine) in the world. Thus, if your video touches a chord with the audience, you do not need an advertising budget to have it reach the target audience.

    Better Customer Engagement

    The human brain is such that visual information reception is much higher than that of text. So, potential customers are more likely to remember the details if you convey it to them through a video message. A website having videos encourages the audience to spend more time in it.

    Not only does this increase the chances of them clicking to another page on the website, but it also results in a significant reduction in the bounce rate. Higher chances of acting on signing up to the company newsletter, inquiring, buying a product or service, or answering to some other call to actions can be expected of video viewers.

    Make the Most of the Multifunctional Aspects of Video

    In the traditional sense of the word, video marketing aims to attract potential customers and cater to the needs of the existing ones. However, small businesses can make the most of the videos by using it for in-house communication.

    Every organization has its core values, mission, and vision. A person joining the organization is expected to be in tune with these so that his personal goals are in alignment with that of the organization. Moreover, there are training handbooks that they need to go through. 

    While it will take an hour for them to read through such textual matter, the task can be completed in a matter of minutes by watching a video. In the long run, having dedicated videos for onboarding and recruiting will save you a significant number of man-hours.

    The Internet is a magical place and has done wonders in bridging the gap between small and large businesses and giving everyone a fairground to compete. Video marketing, if used properly, can drive your business in the path of growth.


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