What Is Is-Bao And Why You Should Get Certified?

    The international standards for business aircraft operations (IS-BAO) is a guideline outlining best practices meant to assist flight departments to attain high professionalism and safety levels. The International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) developed the standard in 2002.

    It was amended in 2012 to enable implementation by helicopter operators. This was done as corroboration between IBAC and helicopter associations such as Helicopter Association International (HAI) and the British Helicopter Association (BHA). Therefore, the standards are high in the amended guidelines for the helicopter operators.

    The standards set are high and can be seen in how operations in airlines are carried out. For instance, most of the airlines have very many pilots, and it might be difficult for the passengers to get the same pilot for their flights. However, regardless of the pilot and first officer show up, they follow the same procedures as the others did.

    These procedures are maintained all through to the other crew members of the airline. Having such standards eliminates confusion because every member is aware of what to do at all times.

    The standards set on this platform are based on a safety management system (SMS). A safety management system is a process used to identify, measure and manage the safety risks that can occur in any aviation procedure.

    The SMS is a very important aspect of ISBAO since it includes all the key elements of the standards such as organization structure, duties and responsibilities of the personnel, standard operating procedures, flight operations procedures and processes amongst many others.

    Standards Audit

    After operators have implemented the standards, they can undergo an audit to show that they can achieve the missions they had from using the standards and also indicate that they comply with the standard guidelines. The audit is guided by four objectives and scope.

    First, it can be done to show conformity to the standards. It is also done to access the adherence of the institution to the recommended best practices as set out in the standards.

    The audit also helps organizations to identify any deficiencies in their safety and also access the appropriateness and effectiveness of the organization’s safety management activities.

    Why Get Certified?

    After an audit has been performed and all compliance noted, the organization can then get certified. The certification shows that the organization keeps the international standards required. This certification is important because it prevents major accidents from happening.

    In turn, it brings better returns to the organization because it has a good safety track record. With a good track record, more business comes and therefore better returns in the long run. Organizations known to be unsafe do not get many customers and therefore suffer losses.

    The other benefit is the return on investments that is achieved by adopting the standards. Adopting the guidelines should be seen as an investment. This is because with proper safety there are many costs that are avoided or reduced when accidents are avoided or reduced.

    These saved costs can then be considered as an investment or a return on investment in the standards.

    Also, the market value of the company is maintained when there are no accidents happening. In the aviation business, a small accident can cause very major damage to the business. This is because of the expensive investments made at the airlines that have to be protected.

    Also when the reputation of the business suffers due to an accident customers fail to come, and the profits plummet significantly which also reduces the market value of the company.

    Adopting and complying with these guidelines, therefore, is in the best interest of every aviation company out there.


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