How To Keep Using Your Instagram Actively

    When it comes to using Instagram for marketing purposes, you need to know what you can or cannot do. There are certain limitations on how you can reach others on the same platform. You may want everyone to know about your brand and products, but you just cannot try something unreasonable. That does not apply to buy likes and followers, so long as you opt for a company as reliable as Gramblast, but you should still be careful with how you proceed. Getting too many followers too quickly can raise a red flag, and you should also know how to practice your follow-unfollow right.

    You need to plan everything carefully also because the Instagram algorithm has become more sophisticated than ever, and it knows which posts to make visible to a certain group of people.  Getting educated about those algorithmic changes can also help you keep using your Instagram account without any issue. Here are a few things you should always keep in mind.


    Never Exceed The Follow-Unfollow Limit

    You cannot follow everyone on Instagram at the same time. Instagram has set a limit to the maximum number of users you can follow – which is 7500 accounts at any time. If you hit that mark and want to follow a new person, you will have to unfollow someone and then follow this new account.

    Understand that 7500 is a huge number and a lot of content to follow at one time; in fact, it is rather high. It is quite a task to follow and engage with even these many accounts. Now, you must be thinking whether there is a limit on the number of accounts that can follow you too – well, the good news is no. Any number of persons can follow your account – whether its personal or business account.

    Instagram also has a limit on the number of users you can follow in a stipulated time. This number is not fixed – initially, you can follow only a few accounts on an hourly or daily basis – the number of your followers could be a determining factor for the limit you can reach. Some of them like how many accounts you can follow per hour or per day are not specified anywhere, whereas certain other limits have been mentioned. However, through the generally available stats, we can conclude that Instagram allows 30 follows per hour, and about 800 follows per day for an average user.

    For some users, there is the exception, and they can exceed the limit, but it depends on various factors, such as engagement of their content and more. Otherwise, if you exceed the allowed limit, your account might be put on restriction for a day.

    Similar to following, unfollowing has a limit. You can only unfollow a certain number per hour and per day, so respect that!

    Don’t Click On More Than 350 Likes Per Hour

    Similar to follow and unfollow, the number of likes also has an upper limit – 350 likes per hour, which is certainly high – this means about six likes per minute.

    There are fewer chances of exceeding this limit (unless you are a robot). Most likely, you would want to first look through the content in detail and then like it; in some cases, if it’s something that you already know, you would click on like quicker. Therefore, unless there is some automated system that is doing it, an average user cannot be liking so much content at once.

    However, if you do exceed this limit, your account may be flagged for spam activity, and the access to your account will be restricted for a minimum of one day. If this happens persistently, then the restriction time limit will go on increasing – and finally, your account will be disabled if this does not stop.

    A similar rule applies to the number of comments you can post too. Though there is no any number which gives the maximum limit, its somewhere close to 100 comments per day which is quite a reasonable number.

    Additionally, Instagram specifies that a user cannot mention more than five people in a single comment and the same comment cannot repeatedly be posted (this makes sense as there is a higher limit too), so you can’t copy and paste the same comment in different posts. Remember this, and you will do just fine!


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