What Is a Public Adjuster and How Can They Help You?

    A public adjuster is an insurance expert who is fluent in policy language and works separately from insurance providers. Insurance companies have been known to sneak things past those filing a claim in the fine print, but a public adjuster can identify these tricks and get past them without issue. Public adjusters work efficiently and effectively to ensure that your policy claim goes as smoothly as possible— all while securing the maximum amount of money that you can. Studies have shown time and time again that those who hire a public adjuster get more out of their insurance claims than those who do not.

    How Will a Public Adjuster Help With My Claim?

    Public adjusters work with a team of professionals in real estate, insurance and construction day in and day out. They are fluent in the language of policy— which has proven to be a difficult language for many to comprehend. Above all, they pay close attention to the details of your claim, so that they can get you the maximum benefit possible.

    Why Should I Use a Public Adjuster?

    A public adjuster will help to maximize your settlement while protecting your assets and prior investments. Through their expert understanding of insurance claims, they are able to aid you effortlessly through the process. Along with scoring you more money, a public adjuster will relieve your stress almost instantly.

    When Should I Contact a Public Adjuster?

    It is paramount not to waste any time before contacting a public adjuster. The second your loss occurs, you should be on the phone contacting an expert. Every second missed is a dollar missed and in any business, that hurts. Thankfully, our public adjusters will get to work immediately and guide you through this difficult process.

    What Claims do Public Adjusters Handle?

    Public adjusters handle a variety of claims, such as:

    • Water damage
    • Fire damage
    • Storm damage
    • Business interruption
    • Accidental damage

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