What Could Be Wrong If Your Car Is Over-Heating?

    A long road trip to the beach might be your idea of a perfect day during the hot summer months but on the way, your car suddenly totals and you see the check engine light blinking on the dashboard.  You realize that your car is over-heating, stranded in the middle of the highway what can you possibly do to come out of this mess and head towards the beach to cool off in prickly heat. The one thing that you can do to prevent yourself from getting into such a situation in the first place is to get your radiator from a reliable company such as Natrad and also get it serviced by professionals at regular intervals.

    Why engines over-heat?

    There can be various reasons for this to happen, from leaking coolant to broken hoses, blocked air inlets, or a damaged radiator. All of these lead to one thing and one thing only, improper functioning or not functioning of the cooling system of the vehicle. When the heat generated in the engine is not regulated it over-heats leading to a breakdown mid-highway. 

    Things you can do:

    Look for shade

    If your car is still moving because of momentum try to find a shady spot where you can park the car and keep it away from the heat. One might not think this to be much but the temperature difference between the shade and the sun can be significant enough to cool down your car for you to be able to drive off to the nearest service center. Put your vehicle in neutral or park and afterward fire up the engine and put the pedal to the metal a couple of times revving the engine. This makes the fan and the water siphon work quicker, which gets more air and more water through your vehicle’s radiator, this results in increased circulation which in-turn cools off the motor.

    Diamonds cut diamonds

    While you might be enticed to switch on the cooling, this is counterintuitive. The last thing one might expect to be asked to do is to turn on the heat, well the truth is when we turn on the heating system for the cabin the vents channel some of the hot air from the engine into the car, taking away a portion of your problem. 

    Coolant and other fluids

    On the off chance that your coolant level is low, a fast top-off could help secure your motor and forestall overheating until you can sort things out. In any case, this progression will not do a lot of good if a coolant hose is stopped up or the wellspring of your difficulties is a wrecked radiator fan or water siphon. Counsel your owner’s manual to discover the area of your coolant repository tank and to figure out how to add coolant to your vehicle.


    An overheating vehicle is an indication that needs prompt consideration. Much of the time the first reason is a basic, minimal effort fix. Shockingly, the vast majority overlook the underlying issue and wind up paying considerably more for broad harm accordingly.


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