What Color Blazer Should Every Man Own?

    A blazer is a piece of clothing that often doesn’t get the credit it deserves. In reality, this single garment can level up an outfit or tone it down. Even if that’s the case, blazers are often dismissed as a practical item rather than a special one.

    If you ask us, the blazer shouldn’t always play second fiddle to the suit. Instead, it should be given the chance to take the spotlight every once in a while. Even Stylish Alpha believes that a blazer’s humble qualities are what make it a “clothing chameleon.” It can fit virtually any body type, height, or shape and pretty much go with any kind of look. Simply put, it is a piece you are not going to want missing from your wardrobe.

    The Top “Must-Have” Blazer Option

    You know it could level up your style, but where do you even begin? Choosing blazers for certain occasions means knowing what the top options are in terms of color and material. Today, we’ll look into four of these must-have options bound to match your style effortlessly.

    Speaking of effortless style-matching, you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous navy blazer. If you’re not fond of having too many blazer options, you can have just this one, and you’d be perfectly fine.

    Navy Blazer

    As the counterpart piece to the little black dress in women’s fashion, a navy blazer is a wardrobe item that every man should own. With this essential piece in your closet, dressing smartly should be a breeze.

    Nonetheless, a navy blazer isn’t without its fair share of complications. For instance, beginners might find it difficult to style to its full potential. We often see distinguished personalities wearing these pieces of clothing, which does bring some form of insecurity to those who don’t know better. How are you supposed to compete with that?

    Yet, modern-day fashionistas are ones who pay no heed to the competition. Plus, there is also something about donning this splendid piece that lets you focus on the now and not the “who-else-is-wearing-it-better” train of thought.

    Other Flex-Worthy Blazer Options

    The clothing pieces that go well with a navy blazer are endless, from an ordinary pair of jeans to achieve that casual look to a knitted tie or neutral-colored flannel trousers to express your creative side.

    As you embrace your style, you’ll find no shortage of ways to rock that navy blazer. Then again, there are three other options to bring your style on fleek. These are beige, linen, and jersey blazers.

    Beige Blazer

    Now, this is one of the more timeless blazer styles out there. Looking at it, you can see how it would suit different looks from different generations. It has a cool, casual, and chic feel that allows it to work with outfits for different seasons. Nevertheless, where it shines the most is in the warmer months as it just pops out against your whole ensemble.

    There’s a thin line between casual and suave, but the beige blazer erases that line. Basically, it lets you achieve a combination of both looks that work. You can then cap off this arrangement with a pair of cream suede shoes, which would add the perfect footwear touch.

    As far as beige blazers go, everything works better with contrast. Go for contrasting colors and styles with your jeans, shirt, and footwear, as this allows the blazer to stand out a bit more. It also gives each piece their shining moment at specific angles.

    Linen Blazer

    The lounge-room linen blazer is a men’s fashion favorite, particularly for places with a warmer climate. The piece has a “cooling” quality to it that provides the perfect contrast to the warm atmosphere. It also adds a level of sophistication that’s easier to pull off compared to other blazer styles. Thus, you shouldn’t have too hard of a time channeling James Bond with a linen blazer.

    Blazers with a high-linen thread count offer an absolutely gorgeous feel and look. The material is going to fit you to perfection, regardless of your body type. It will also provide you with the perfect “hang,” so there will be no need for those little adjustments that sometimes ruin your overall look.

    Jersey Blazer

    A jersey blazer might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s no denying that it can make a statement—several, in fact. When capped off with an exquisitely tailored item, a jersey blazer can make you the talk of the room.

    Regardless of your age, this blazer also has the ability to make you feel like you deserve to wear it. In the end, you’ll find that not only does it give top-notch versatility, but it also infuses confidence like no other. 

    Getting To Know Your Blazers

    If you’re looking to make blazers a part of your wardrobe, it’s important to learn about the trendiest styles out there. This gives you access to a diverse array of looks and combinations you could ever hope to achieve.

    Some men’s brands have the most amazing collections for all sorts of occasions, from the everyday office look to the casual and formal dinner attire. Knowledge of them could give you all you need to get started.


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