Wedding Trends For 2020

    2020 just kicked in, and our spirits are already lifted! 

    Are you wondering about those getting married in this holiday season? 

    Well, they have a lot on their plate right now considering the innumerable hairstyles, dresses, makeup looks, colors to choose. 

    To save you from the dilemma that precedes the wedding and the hassle that continues till the very last moment, we have listed the top trends to keep in mind as you set sail to plan your D Day. 

    {Well, if you take our advice: Tap into only those that align with your style and most importantly, your budget to avoid any disappointments}

    #1. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

    Has it surprised you much? 

    Well, believe it or not, but these two are the buzzwords in these days’ weddings. And, this shall continue even in 2020 and that too, on a grand scale. (No exaggeration, honestly!)

    We agree, considering the environment and planning according to the well-being of our Mother Earth is rudimentary and should not fall under a trend. But, the big fat weddings that have been taking place without any concern for the planet have popularized it. 

    Couples are moving towards having a small ceremony and are hiring planners known for using eco-friendly stuff that is reducing the inevitable carbon footprint. Besides, as a token of gratitude, couples are gifting small indoor, outdoor plants and more such unique eco-friendly ideas wherever they can. 

    #2. The dream destination for your dream wedding

    Heard of the phrase, “ The world is your oyster?” Well, it fits the best here, and we cannot agree more to it.  

    All the couples out there who ever dreamt of a wedding far away in the most beautiful, exotic, and picturesque land, grab your chance and make it happen. 

    Thailand, Bali, Italy, Greece, Hawaii. 

    Pick from any of these or other such incredible locations according to your taste and budget, and you shall not regret it. 

    This definitely will need a hefty amount of money, but who cares too much about it. After all, it’s your wedding! Plus, there are so many quick and easy loan options today for your assistance. 

    P.S. For your dream destination wedding, make sure to hire wedding planners that have prior experience in it. 

    #3. Videos are no longer optional

    Yes, the videos being an optional trend has taken a backseat. 

    Fast forward to today, they are an essential part of a wedding. Especially the documentary videos. You also need to get one created too! 

    For the same, either hire a separate videography team, or your photography team can record it for you, provided they have the desired skills. Make sure to go through their previous assignments before confirming two services. 

    #4. Bid goodbye to essential color palettes

    Gone are the days of neutral color tones, or the basic whites and greens, or in fact, the metallics too! These were trending until 2019, but now, you need to bid them farewell. 

    2020 is all about making bold color choices and standing out of the crowd. Plus, welcome unusual colors like lavender, teal green and blue and pair them up with the best one. Besides, floral color themes and designs are all in to. 

    Sink in the vibe of it, choose according to your taste, and you are good to go! 

    #5. Let the engagement session roll

    A cool yet romantic photo session is what 2020 couples are eyeing on. Undoubtedly, this tradition has been going on for long, but this year the bar has been raised and set extremely high. 

    So, make sure to carry extra outfits and lots of props, explore the different facets as a couple, and gain the best out of your photoshoot.  

    Get, set, and pick the best ones of these trends for your D-DAY. We wish you a happy and blissful marriage in advance! 


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