Wanderlust: 5 Breathtaking Places to Add to Your Bucket List

    I suffer from severe Wanderlust.

    My idea of a vacation isn’t laying on a tropical island baking in the sun for a week straight. There is so much more to traveling than lounging and drinking. ( I know, it’s hard to believe)

    Sadly, I have not ventured out of the country yet, but my love of travel started with visiting different cities in the United States. It has always amazed me how different the American culture is from state to state; I could only imagine the culture shock I’d be in half way around the world.

    While I save up and dream about getting on a plane and starting my own personal Around the World in 80 Days, I’ve done some serious research. Of course the typical tourist cities are on my list such as Paris, Rome and Barcelona, but there are so many more that many may not have ever knew existed.

    Here is my list of Wanderlust Destinations:

    1. Valletta, Malta

    This beautiful island country is located in the Mediterranean Sea right off the coast of Sicily, Italy. It’s breathtaking coast lines and historic architecture, make it a must see in my lifetime. Valletta, the capital of Malta, is home to some of the most eccentric festivals in the world; Carinval, Arts, Jazz and Fireworks Festivals are just to name a few. Being that the Main languages on the island are Italian and English, you should have no problem maneuvering your way around the city!


    2. Montenegro, Balkan

    Neighbor Bosnia, Albania and Serbia, Montenegro is another Mediterranean Sea Gem. With unfathomable mountain views and shore lines that over look the Adriatic Sea, which seem to be out of a dream, I would imagine it would be impossible to ever imagine leaving. They celebrate music, they celebrate food and fashion. The culture is influenced by surrounding countries and that is quite evident in their food. With influences from Italy, Turkey and Syria, it is safe to say your taste bud will be rejoicing. The native language, appropriately called by natives, Montenegrin, is of the Serbo-Croatian Language.



    3. Prague, Czech Republic

    Romance, history and story book like streets, Prague will steal your heart. Old Town Square and cobble stone streets give the city a 16th century feel that you’ll get lost in photographing. The language of the natives is Czech, but they are fluent in English, Russian and German as well!


    4. Dublin, Ireland

    So maybe I fell in love with Dublin after watching P.S. I Love You, too many times but that doesn’t mean the city isn’t outrageously awesome and filled with culture. Pub lined streets, Cathedrals throughout the city and views of rolling hills will probably make you buy a farm and never come home. They speak English, with that drool worthy brogue. Yep, I’m ready for my Guinness.


    5. Cape Town, Africa

    The music, the fashion, the tropical island feel, it’s no wonder why people from all over Europe are finding themselves making Cape Town their year round homes. The food will ignite your senses and the sounds of the streets will have you dancing throughout the night. Although the native language is Afrikaans, never fear! English is most commonly understood. Unknown-1


    I dream of a passport filled with worldly stamps. I know I’ll get there one day, but for now, the bucket list keeps growing.  Maybe I’ll end up traveling abroad long term, but a whole lot more planning will be needed. For some countries, I’d need a PAN card seva just to ensure I’m on their tax records!


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