VIDEO: There’s A New Way To Play Beer Pong & It’s A Total Game Changer

    Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.04.03 PM

    Growing up, pin the tail on the donkey was the go-to party game… that is, until we got a little older, and became introduced to beer pong, and have essentially never looked back. The truth is, there’s just no feeling quite like sinking your pong ball into that red solo cup, and confirming to all of your friends what you’ve known all along — you are the real MVP.

    However, while we all thought that this classic game would never get old, apparently we thought wrong. But don’t worry — beer pong isn’t about to be extinct, it’s just upping the ante.

    After all, it’s 2016, which means there’s new and improved ways of doing things, and for beer pong, that means that the tables have literally turned.

    In yet another viral video, people are seen playing Roomba pong (yes, we’re talking about the vacuum here), and we’ve got to say — it looks pretty legit.

    If you thought sinking that ball into the cups was hard when they were still, you’ve got to see just how intense things get when they start swirling.

    Just see for yourself, below — Roomba pong is no joke — but, who doesn’t love a good challenge?


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