Unique Engagement Ring Options For Original Couples

    Finding the perfect engagement ring prior to popping the big question can be both exciting and unnerving. Approximately 35% of all couples take three months or less researching the ring choice prior to getting engaged, according to The Knot’s 2019 Jewelry and Engagement Study. While traditional gold-and-diamonds engagement rings remain the top choice among couples wanting to tie the knot, an ever-increasing number of couples are looking to steer away from archaic traditions. Thankfully, an expanding range of unique rings is making it considerably easier to make your proposal less traditional – and substantially more memorable as well.

    Gemstone rings are all the rage

    Although diamond engagement rings are still the most popular, other gemstones are also skyrocketing in popularity among couples who want to step away from the conventional. In fact, during the course of 2019, as many as 10% of engagement rings featured stones other than diamonds. Engagement rings featuring colorful gemstones bear an air of exclusivity that makes the ring and the wearer stand out from the crowd. Popular gemstones found in engagement rings include brilliant blue sapphires and gorgeous green emeralds that are said to signify loyalty and unwavering love. Opal, aquamarine, ruby, amethyst and morganite are other trendy choices that make for exquisite engagement rings.

    Unconventional materials make for beautiful rings

    White gold, rose gold, platinum, yellow gold and silver are, historically, the most popular materials engagement rings are crafted from. While spectacular creations can be crafted from any of these metals, rings made from more unconventional materials are becoming increasingly popular among modern-day couples. With a bit of effort, you will be able to find the most gorgeous rings imaginable made crafted from more unconventional materials such as Tungsten, copper and stainless steel. Depending on how unique you want your ring to be, you can even opt for one made from wood, silicone, resin or cement.

    Vintage rings have a timeless appeal

    If it is a unique engagement ring you are after, consider venturing to an antique jewelry or thrift store in search of a gorgeous ring. Vintage rings are extremely romantic by nature. Many vintage rings have already played a part in a beautiful love story, and are just waiting for a new couple to write the epilogue. Engagement rings from a bygone era often bear small imperfections such as scratched metal surfaces and clarity issues. Although these may be a deterrent to some buyers, they simply make the ring more appealing to someone who appreciates the rich, albeit imperfect, history of an antique ring. Even if you are not too eager to spend money on a previously-loved ring, consider choosing a modern-day, new ring in a vintage style.

    Getting engaged is a big deal. With a little bit of effort, you can make your proposal even more memorable by finding a ring that is as beautiful and unique as your partner.


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