Top Reasons to Use Digital Business Cards

    Before, people used to keep huge folders containing multiple business cards from their business network connections. But nowadays, the availability of innovative technology has changed how things are done. It is no longer necessary to store huge folders or printed business cards for your contacts. The use of the digital business card has gained popularity over printed cards.

    The earlier printed business cards had some limitations. This card can only carry basic information like the company name, your name, position, and phone number. Then you could include one or two links to show your clients the business webpage. However, more information on the card makes it look cluttered and less presentable. Well, with digital business cards, this is not an issue anymore. Keep reading this article to learn why you should switch to digital business cards. They include:

    • Share your contact details easily and quickly

    The main reason people use business cards is to share their information. Before, this was done by sharing printed business cards. All one needed to do was hand over a business card to someone. Although you can use this process to share your details, another person may misplace the card. In addition, the card will be put together with other business cards, making it hard to trace it, and eventually, the card will be forgotten. But nowadays, instead of giving printed cards, you easily share a digital business card that has your contact. Some digital cards like Tapt, when shared on smartphones, automatically add a new entry to your address book. By doing that, you are guaranteed that the contact person will always have your details.

    • Grow your connections

    A digital business card has no limitations when it comes to information storage. Instead of listing the links on the card, you can easily use the “URL” or the QR code which connects to your link on the Bio page to share all your profiles. Using your contact will add your profile on the preferred social media platform.

    • Store your details in one place 

    In addition to digital business cards helping you expand your connections on social media platforms, you can place any link on the cards. Use this feature to add various details to your business card. For example, if you want to direct your customers to your business location, add a Google map link to the digital card. Therefore, when clients are looking for a business that can deliver the best service, they will have your digital business card and tap the link that will lead them to your business location. When the card is zoomed out, you can create a large digital business card showing all the other general details. However, ensure to add the details neatly.

    • Cost-effective 

    Although some still issue elegantly printed business cards, maintaining that standard is quite expensive. In addition, every time you issue a printed business card, you’re paying some amount. You need to pay for the design and printing services. If you’re making some changes to the card, you have to print a different set. However, making edits and including the new details is much easier when using a digital business card.

    In addition, you will create a professional first impression. When using digital tapt business cards, you can include images, videos, and even links related to your business. It is vital to show your brand story and make an excellent impression on your clients.

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