Top Places to Travel in December

    December is that time of the year when most of the world is in the holiday mood and spirit. Christmas and New Year are around the corner, there are food, festive atmosphere and love spread across the world, and people take days off to celebrate life. It is one of the most sufficient times to visit places that have been on your checklist for a long time. There are two types of vacations: you can visit a place with snowy landscapes or, in reverse, you can switch it up to tropical forests and seaside.

    There are many places which you can travel to in December and have a memorable trip. Here are top 12 of them:

    1. New York – If you are in the mood to feel ‘Home Alone 2: Lost in New York’ spirit, you can plan to visit New York. The entire city is dusted with snowflakes, and shopping malls are lit brightly in December. The Christmassy mood is on the rise, and you will find a lot of festive food and an array of cultures intertwined with each other in New York.
    2. Hawaii – If you want to relax and hide away from the world, Hawaii is the place for you. It is sunny in Hawaii in December, and you may enjoy theme parties while sipping on your Pina Colada on a beach with clear blue waters.
    3. India – Though India is a place with Christians as a minority, hence Christmas is not celebrated with that much enthusiasm, but Indians are warm-hearted and welcoming people who would love to host you for a vacation! You can always plan to visit India for a spiritual detox and feel the power of Yoga, Ayurveda and traditional healing methods, working wonders for your body and soul.
    4. Iceland – Iceland is the closest possible tourist spot to the North Pole. An extraordinary place will become an unforgettable experience for the rest of your life. One of the unique things about Iceland is Northern Lights, which fill up the sky with their green-blue aura and transport you to another dimension. You might also witness the Nordic Christmas, and enjoy being a part of a different culture.
    5. Australia – Australia is a place, which is hot in December, unlike the other parts of the world including USA, UK or Europe. Here, you will not find snowfall and Christmas trees, but beaches and palms, and that is the beauty of a vacation in Australia. Many students travel to Australia just to feel the holiday vibes, and many of them go there for completion of projects too. The students whose courses require them to travel to places to collect data, for them Australia can be a heaven because of diverse culture and variety of wildlife. I received Australian assignment help from locals who were friendly and willing to be interviewed for a research-based project.
    6. Eastern Europe – Eastern Europe has many small countries, which display a rich culture and tradition. Some countries still have colonial time’s buildings and structures, and most of them have medieval time architecture, which is a treat to the eyes. Eastern Europe can be a historical, but a wonderful experience for you.
    7. Egypt – Away from the lights and parties of Christmas, you can visit Egypt to feel the magical prowess. Egypt is famous for its ancient culture and food, something you cannot expect elsewhere. It will give you memories for a lifetime.
    8. Rio De Janeiro – Brazil can be an adventurous place to be, and Rio is the city with world’s largest statue of the Christ. Hence it is one of the most celebrated places during December, especially when the holidays are near. You can stay in Rio until February and also attend the carnival, which is famous in the entire world.
    9. Paris – How can we forget the city of love when it comes to holidays? If you are planning something with your spouse or partner, Paris should top your list. Moreover, during Christmas time it is one of the most wonderful places to be in. Also, do not forget an iconic picture in front of the Eiffel Tower!
    10. Macau – Also famously known as Vegas of the East, Macau is for those who do not have the budget for Las Vegas, Nevada. You can plan to visit Macau and enjoy the casinos and parties, as much as you would have in Vegas.
    11. Prague – With its gothic and baroque architecture and looming cathedrals, Prague can be a delight to visit during Christmas time. This beautiful city in the Czech Republic can offer you what you are looking for at reasonable prices.


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