Top 9 Wedding Photobombs

    It’s your wedding day!  You have planned the event/moment for months or even years. The good news is that every little detail is perfect!

    -But while you were basking in your romantic love story and dancing The Wobble, you did not seem to notice what exactly was going on around you…

    then the photo album arrives.

    In the past week, this photo went viral.


    At first, you see a happy couple on their wedding day. Then, you look closer…Whaaaaa????? Is that a face behind them?  Some are saying it’s the face of their unborn child, while others says it’s the spawn of Satan.  Who or whatever it is, it is Creepy…with a capital “C”.

    So that got us thinking here at The Insider List.

    The post Sinister Wedding Photo appeared first on The Meta Picture.
    The post Sinister Wedding Photo appeared first on The Meta Picture.

    With wedding season upon us, let’s look at some of the most creepy and hilarious wedding photo bombs…

    #9 The Creepy Shirtless Guy Goes For A Stroll

    #8 The Happiest Day of Your Life

    We don’t really care where Waldo is right now. Where are the smiles on the bride and groom?



    #7 The Need For Speed-o

    Marital Tip: When you choose to have your wedding on the beach, you better be prepared for a “speedo bomb”.

    #6 The Cat-astrophic Bomb

    Is there such a thing as a “Cat Butt Bomb”?  The answer is yes.

    #5 The Dicaprio

    We call this the “I’m King of the World Bomb”.

    #4 The Why The Long Face

    Who invited Mr. Cheesy Smile?

    #3  The Don’t Mind If “I Do”

    Seriously?  At least this couple has smiles on their faces… and in this one there is more of challenge with the bridal party in the mix.

    #2 The “That Guy”

    They say there’s always one in every group of friends and crowd. And it’s this guy.

    #1 The Photo Bomb Mother Of All Omens

    -And then there’s Mother Nature. They say she can be a B*tch…but she really took the Photo Bomb to a whole new level.

    Photo by Colleen Niska
    Photo by Colleen Niska


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