Top 9 Common BMW Problems

    Although many believe the glory days of the popular German brand are winding down, BMW is still one of the giants in the automobile industry. With all the cool features that come with owning a BMW, there are also some problems that are common with the brand. You need to be aware of those problems so you don’t get surprised if they arise. Below, we dive into some of the top common problems with BMW cars.

    Steering Wheel Vibrates When Applying Brakes

    BMW cars look sporty and speed away when you put your foot on the gas. Where the problem arises is when you try to apply the brakes. The steering wheel, most notably of the 3 series, constantly vibrates when braking. The problem could get worse if not treated and you could see the wheel moving back and forth when braking. If you observe this with your car, you might consider replacing the wrap rotors.

    Oil Leaks

    Users have also frequently complained of oil leaks, especially on vehicles with over 55,000 miles. Valve cover gaskets and oil pan gaskets have been implicated in many leaks. It is something to investigate.

    Power Steering Leak

    This often presents itself as a screeching noise while steering, or you might even see some leaked fluid on the floor. If you notice any of this, do well to check the power steering oil reservoir. The leak usually comes from a faulty hose. Make sure you address it early to prevent further damage.


    Sputtering when accelerating or moving at higher speeds is usually caused by a high-pressure pump malfunction. The stream of fuel being pumped into the engine becomes inconsistent and it may lead to a failure to turnover if not addressed promptly.

    Stiff Windows

    Your window may refuse any movement or you might experience difficulty making it go up or down. This is usually caused by issues with the window regulator and may be electrical. If there’s difficulty winding up or down, you could also check the base for clogging.

    Alternator Bracket Seal Failure

    This is common in BMW 4.4 V8’s. Seal failure is usually due to wear and tear and could cause significant oil leaks all over the engine or even into the alternator assembly. Changing the seal is the solution to this problem.

    Electronic Problems

    Many users have complained of common European cars electronic problems over more than one series of BMWs. The wiring system seems to develop constant faults and problems such as AC not coming on and wipers malfunctioning are commonplace.

    Coolant Leak

    This mostly comes from a broken or loose radiator cap. The problem may present itself as a white smoke coming from the exhaust or visible coolant leak outside the vehicle.

    AC Not Turning On

    Your car’s compression may switch on for a few seconds and then shut down. A common cause is the malfunctioning of the ambient temperature sensor. If the sensor reads a very low temperature, the compressor automatically shuts itself down.

    There you have the common problems associated with BMW cars. The moment you notice any of these issues, call on a professional to help fix your BMW as soon as possible.


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