Top 7 Non-Inspirational Quotes



    You can’t go anywhere on social media these days without seeing an Inspirational Quote or two or three…or a gazillion.

    Sometimes they’re cute or funny…

    -And sometimes you’re just not in the mood…

    If you are looking to be inspired or in search of motivation to workout, perhaps you rely on these IG posts to give you the right amount of gusto to work harder throughout the day…

    However, if you are tired of the daily bursts of inspiration and are more of a realist than a long winded anus…These are for you. #RealTalk



    #7.  We Can’t “Run the World” Like Queen B.



    #6.  Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken.


    #5.  Sometimes The Sun Doesn’t Come Out Tomorrow.


    #4.  Now That’s What I’m Talkin’ About.

    #3.  A Collage Of Hate.


    #2.  Mirror, Mirror On The Wall.


    #1. The Fear Is Real.








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