Top 7 Easy Ways to Get Healthy, Clear Skin

    Many cosmetic companies want consumers to believe they need expensive products to keep their skin healthy. However there are natural skin care solutions available that can leave your skin looking clear and beautiful. Try these tips to look your best:

    Tip #1 – Avoid Harsh Chemicals

    Many acne-fighting products contain harsh chemicals that are designed to remove the outer layer of the skin or reduce oil production. Here’s the problem with products that are designed to chemically exfoliate your skin: they can do more harm than good by causing your skin to dry out and peel. In some cases, they can even make acne worse. Rather than using harsh chemicals, look for a more natural solution. For instance, natural products such as manuka honey can fight bacteria that causes acne while reducing the appearance of scars and discoloration.

    Tip #2 – Use Makeup That Is Designed To Treat Acne

    If you are going to use makeup to cover up any facial blemishes, look for products that contain acne-fighting ingredients. Start by checking to make sure that the makeup you are using is labeled as being non-comedogenic because it won’t wind up clogging your pores. You should also consider looking for products that are specifically designed for treating acne or that contain beneficial ingredients such as zinc oxide.

    Tip #3 – Drink Spearmint Tea To Counteract Hormones

    Many experts believe that acne is the result of excess androgens. These hormones can cause the sebaceous glands to produce too much oil and can lead to clogged pores, blackheads, and acne. Doctors prescribe birth control pills to counteract these effects. Rather than risking the side effects of birth control pills, look for natural solutions. For example, Spearmint tea has been shown to fight excess androgens. Depending on the underlying cause of the acne, drinking this tea could help reduce breakouts, leading to clearer skin.

    Tip #4 – Avoid Bacteria

    Throughout the day, your skin is constantly bombarded by bacteria. Take a minute to think about the different objects that your face comes in contact with during the course of a day. From your pillowcase to your phone, your skin is constantly in contact with surfaces that can contain bacteria. To reduce the effects of these surfaces, be diligent about changing your pillowcase or wiping down your phone with an antibacterial cleanser before making phone calls. Makeup brushes can also provide the perfect breeding ground for bacteria – be sure to wash them regularly.

    Tip#5 – Use The Right Cleansing Products

    One of the biggest mistakes that people make when dealing with acne is using cleansing products that are too harsh. Often cleansers that are designed for acne-prone skin can wash away too much oil, leaving your skin dry and flaky. To compensate, your skin will produce even more oil, increasing the chances of developing further problems with acne. Rather than getting into this vicious cycle, you should look for a gentle cleanser that is designed to leave your skin moisturized. Check out this review of Proactiv.

    Tip#6 – Eat The Right Foods

    The food that you put into your body is just as important as the products that you apply to your skin when it comes to treating acne. You should focus on eating a healthy, nutrient-rich diet that contains food from all the major food groups. The only caveat is that you should avoid dairy products that could contain hormones because they can aggravate your skin condition. Instead, choose hormone-free milk and dairy products to avoid aggravating your skin. You should also avoid eating food out of plastic containers as plastic often contains chemicals that can disrupt hormones.

    Tip#7 – Focus On Stress Reduction Techniques

    Stress can contribute to breakouts. Most doctors believe this is because it disrupts normal hormone production in the body, leading to imbalances. This can cause the sebaceous glands to produce too much oil. Stress has also been shown to be closely linked to inflammation.

    Finding ways to effectively deal with stress in your life is essential to maintaining healthy and clear skin. Consider starting a gentle exercise program such as yoga or meditation to rejuvenate your body and mind.


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