Top 5 Summer Must-Have Breakdown

    Summer represents another opportunity for a clean slate and a fresh start- especially when it comes getting your skin and body sun-kissed ready. There are always an over abundance of products on the market to invest in perfecting your overall aesthetic. Although, the summer time provides a bit more of a challenge to make sure your skin/body is tight, right and the rest of your fabulous self matches- completing your stylish beach goddess look. However, if you want that title you need make sure your summer checklist and must haves are all in order- starting with…

    #5 Perfectly Pedicured Feet 

    Give your feet the ultimate treatment- a Foot Facial! Aside from the sand acting as nature’ exfoliant, your feed need to be ready for people to see. Wearing your favorite, fashionable flip flops, wedges, sandals and other peep-toes can make or break an outfit- but unkempt feet will ruin your entire desired look…No matter how cute of an outfit you have on.


    Then, on the other hand you may be concerned…

    A comfortable stiletto? Is that any oxymoron? Well, it doesn’t have to be. It is often encouraged to make your shoes the center of your outfit. Your pumps can be the statement piece you are looking for…- but how long can you last in them? No matter what color or style you are selecting, if you cannot strut in them adequately and easily the entire look will crumble. People will notice your displeasure and discomfort. A big fashion faux pas…

    Pillows for Your Feet is an entire line dedicated to your beautiful feet and ensuring you look and feeling like your walking on a cloud.


    #4 Beachy Wavy Hair  

    It always seems long, flowing waves can only come to fruition at the beach with salt water’s splash, or created in a salon by a leading expert stylist. Many girls simple cannot “DIY” when it comes to this hair look. -But you do not have to have a background in cosmetics or a ton of experience styling your own locks…It’s really all about the right hair and beauty products/essentials from GLD!


    #3 Sparkling Teeth

    When your body and skin take center stage, the nest step for drawing attention is with an ultimate, inviting smile. A smile can attract people to other aspects of your appearance! The best way to a superior smile is straight, white teeth. Since a bright grin is often the best accessory for any outfit, it is time for a deep clean. The purity of the light, summery dresses against your luminous skin will reflect poorly if your teeth do not match as close to the white as possible. At-home whitening kits are a superb must have to increase the shine of your pearly whites without the dreaded dental appointment!


    #2 Luminous Skin

    Bronzed, glowing skin is an absolute necessity to really make everything in your wardrobe pop! Although beauty may come in every shade, it is important for everyone’s skin to reach a natural looking, healthy hue. Peak summer season you will probably arrive as close to flawlessness as possible, but until then there are a wide range and variety of products available to accelerate your tan and promote that overall shine. The best part is with effortless, age-defying hydration and moisture for your skin, the less time and investment you need to rely on handy makeup tricks and other heavy duty cleansers and products. Let your skin breathe and enjoy the fresh air with minimal attempts to cover-up imperfections- just an even-toned, optimal radiance.

    #1 Sculpted Body 

    It is no secret that warm weather and heat makes women want to bear all regardless, so most likely we have put our best foot forward at getting our body “bikini ready”- but with light and airy fabrics offering a whole new level of insecurity that individual’s need to conquer and overcome. Whenever designing your glamorous, svelte frame, body sculpting is your friend. With nothing being left to the imagination during the summer months, there are plenty of non-invasive treatments to smooth out ripples in the skin and carve your ideal silhouette for fitting in your unsympathetic loose lace, textures and other fibers.


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