Top 5 Most Informative Posts For Youthful Skin

    When it comes to cosmetic procedures, today, more and more people are running out and getting them, and the reason why is clear — they really do work. However, before going out and getting plumped, prodded, and poked with needles, it’s important to gain knowledge on the different perks these procedures have to offer.

    But, just where do we go to get schooled? Believe it or not, it’s as easy as visiting @VirtualSkinSpa’s Instagram!

    While we usually think of social media as selfie-central, Theresa Pinson, owner of Virtual Skin Spa, takes a different approach when it comes to running her account. With detailed before-and-after pictures and in-depth captions, she’s built one of the most informative pages on Instagram, and we sure aren’t the only ones who have noticed.

    Here are the Top Five Informative Posts on @VirtualSkinSpa Instagram:




    Can you believe that all it took was ONE product to complete this transformation?! The Virtual Skin Spa swears by Bellafill for evening out entire facial balance, getting rid of jowls, and creating a more defined jawline. As you can see, with this sculptra treatment, it really is possible to get better with age as wrinkles are filled, facial features are sculpted, and a smooth glow is created! Even better, while results are immediate they may also develop over time and last several years!




    Lip injecting just got a whole lot more luscious, as the red carpet of lip plumping is finally here! Virtual Skin Spa is one of the first injectors to get Juvederm Volbella XC and they couldn’t be more excited to plump up their patients. Why? Because the perks are endless! Thanks to this hot new filler, it’s time to say bye-bye to wrinkly lips, bye-bye to perioral lines, and hello to smooth lips without lines! Plus, there’s minimal swelling, minimal downtime, and the results have up to one year of longevity.



    If you never thought of your chin as one of the areas where Botox could work it’s magic, think again! Adding Botox to the chin can smooth out wrinkles and give your chin a smoother and more defined look. Virtual Skin Spa, sign us up, please!





    Tired of hating your dark circles and hollow under eye area? Virtual Skin Spa has got the treatment for you — under eye corrections. To liven up your look, fillers are used under the eyes. Immediate results occur, and can last several years!




    Want to look younger without going under the knife? In case you didn’t know, Virtual Skin Spa makes it possible! Using the best of the best fillers, non-surgical facial rejuvenation can give you the results you want, while withholding the pain you don’t!


    For more information on skin, beauty and overall aesthetics, visit Virtual Skin Spa.

    Instagram @VirtualSkinSpa

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