Top 5 Ghosts Of Retail Past

    Do you ever wonder what happened to this ever, evolving world? A world where Contempo Casual, Circuit City, and Sam Goody no longer exist?

    Pre-millennial individuals really took for granted the stores which were accessible for our necessary goods, or perhaps at the very least, even our favorite stores to kill time in. Back then, “Store Closing” and “Going Out of Business” signs, unveiled an unexpected demise for some of the most well known retail chains.

    Now, they are no where to be found. This generation may never know what a Borders is, the way they have no idea how to use a library catalog.

    We take a look back at our…

    Top 5 Ghosts of Retail Past

    #5 Caldoor

    Think Wal-mart or K-mart, Caldoor was the hub for home goods and the social scene for middle America. Caldoor is so old, I could not even find a picture of it on Google. -Like Rose from Titanic, “It exists now only in my memory.” I promise you though, Caldoor was a big deal.

    #4 Delia*s

    This one is for the pre-pubescent ladies. Specific marketing and targeting to teen girls made this retail therapy shop the must have clothing line for the “mean girls” of elementary school and middle school. If you didn’t rock a hoodie with the Delia’s symbol, a cartoon penguin, or butterflies when you walked into homeroom, you might as well have committed fashion and social suicide by lunch.


    #3 K.B Toys

    When you were kid K.B Toys was used as a persuasive method and tool to manage a child’s behavior. If you were out shopping with your mom and you were on good behavior, she would reward you with stopping at K.B. Toys. If you were lucky, best behavior bought you a new present under ten dollars.

    FILE: KB Toys Files For Bankruptcy Protection


    #2 Tower Records

    Now many of you are asking yourselves,”What is a Tower Records??? More of you are probably more concerned with,”What is a record?”

    Compact Discs, otherwise known as “CDs”, were all the rage back in the day. Sean Parker, all I have to say to you is even though you revolutionized the music industry, “Damn the man. Save the Empire!”


    On Demand, Netflix, Red Box, etc., wiped out the need for video stores. However, Blockbuster came with an experience. There was something to be said about actually going to the “VHS store”, picking out a movie, and making a night out of it. Remember how mad you would be if they were sold out of new releases?

    “I guess I’ll rent Weekend at Bernie’s again…”




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