Top 4 Reasons to Use Android Mockup for Presentations

    In this digital age, we have to present ideas and products in a more advanced manner. Say goodbye to visual boards and PowerPoint presentations. Now is the time to use mockups. They are the closest thing to the real deal, which makes presentations really responsive. It is also the best time to use mockups because they are readily available. User experience website UX Planet, for example, has about 20 PSD mockups that you can download for free. This means 20 free mockups, which is equivalent to 20 different ways to present your digital product. 

    But with so many different types of mockup, why should you choose the Android mockup? There are many answers to this, but there are the four best reasons why you should present your digital products through Android mockups: 

    Android mockup is more relatable

    This may come as a surprise, but more people actually use Android gadgets. It just seems that way because most of the people you know are iOS users. According to web statistics provider NetMarketShare, the mobile operating system game is dominated by iOS and Android. They collectively take 97% share of the pie. However, of that percentage, 64% actually belongs to Android. That means there are 200% more Android users than iOS users.

    If you are surprised, chances are you live in a developed nation. Android devices are more popular in developing countries because their prices are friendlier to the masses. But even if there are more Android users, Apple continues to dominate the profit share. But that is already beside the point.

    The fact is, there are more Android users so android mockups would make more sense to a lot of people. Not only that, you can justify to prospective clients that you prefer using the Android mockup because more people will be able to relate to Android mobile devices and Android apps. 

    There are a number of templates to choose from

    There is a buffet of mockups in the internet. But just like any buffet, you pick out all kinds of food or you will have a troubled stomach after the meal. You have to be smart about what you pick. You want to get your money’s worth, but you also want to make sure that you won’t be going to the emergency room from overeating.

    So when it comes to mockups, you have to know what you need in order to find the perfect mockup template for your digital product. With Google being one of the largest tech companies of the world, it is expected that its Google Pixel is also one of the smartest technologies in the world. Among the advantages of the Pixel is the unlimited cloud storage for Google Photos and that it has the best smartphone camera. Here is TechRadar’s latest review of the Google Pixel 4

    Most of the Google Pixel mockups, though, are pretty basic. Most of them just show off the phone, which means that they are better for showcasing mobile applications. This is because the style is minimal so the focus will be on how your application design works. They are mostly in PSD file and Sketch formats. These formats are to your advantage because they will be so much easier to edit. 

    Since there aren’t much to choose from in terms of the mockup design, you should at least know what kind of background works best for your digital products. The Google Pixel mockups have different background colors to choose from aside from black and white—there are lavender, blue, green, two tones, two screens with two different colors, rainbow, and many others. Make sure the background you choose will only enhance the digital product rather than wash it out. 

    Probably because Samsung gadgets are more popular, there are so much more Samsung mockups on the internet. This means that you will have to be more circumspect when choosing the kind of mockup to choose. A lot of the Samsung mockups also have physical configurations much like the mockups involving Apple devices. The reason for this is because you actually want to showcase how your product will look like in the real world. 

    It can enrich your message

    One of the Samsung mockups, for example, is called the Mobile Smartphone Online Purchase Transaction PSD. It shows a person holding a credit card on the left hand and the Samsung phone on the right hand. This indicates that the person is trying to pay through his mobile application. So this mockup is perfect if your digital project is related to a payment system of sorts. 

    If you simply used a mockup that would only show the screen of your phone, the design might look good but it could also be quite blasé. But with the credit card on one hand, you are adding a concept. That is what it means for the Android mockup to enrich the message of your digital product. 

    Great packaging for a product

    Rather than just giving them a PowerPoint presentation, which is very elementary, an Android mockup is more polished. The look will definitely impress prospective clients. Think of it this way: if you are a store and somebody buys a product from you, you will put the product in a bag—a packaging if you may. The packaging will ensure that there will be no opportunity for the product to fall and make a mess on the floor. 

    While it may not exactly sound like that when it comes to the digital product, but the point is, you have a great output and you want to package it properly so it will impress your clients. It just so happens that an Android mockup is really a professional way to package your digital output. 

    The process is also very professional especially if you use Smart Object. The great thing about this is that it can preserve the image from the source content. This means that no matter what kind of editing you do in the other layers, the original content remains the same. This way, you can embed your design to the PSD mockup. 


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