5 Enchanting Castles Where You Can Get Married in the UK and Ireland

    Castles have strong associations with happy-ever-afters, being the oft-most setting for fairy tales. It’s not surprising, nor should it be an impossible dream to tie the knot in one. And the UK seems to be the perfect spot for this adventure of love and romance.

    These strongholds and fortifications are spread out throughout England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Wales, for example, has approximately 600 castles (100 remain standing), which rightfully earns it the title Castle Capital of the World. 

    Take a tour of the most magnificent castles in the UK that can be the perfect spot for your wedding soon.

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    Now, it’s time for out-of-this-world wedding venues.

    1. Belfast Castle, Belfast, Northern Ireland

    The castle is an important and historic landmark in Northern Ireland. According to the castle’s official website, the Donegall family lived in the castle and presented it to the city of Belfast in 1934. As early as 1945, the place played host to weddings until it was closed for refurbishment in 1978. It reopened to the public in 1988.

    What makes Belfast Castle a top wedding venue? It offers scenic views of Belfast Lough, an intertidal sea inlet and a World Heritage Site. The castle itself makes for a magical backdrop, from its serpentine staircase to the manicured lawns.

    1. Leeds Castle, Kent, England

    If you were to get married in a castle, you may as well go for the loveliest one in the world. Leeds Castle was home to many queens and kings, including King Henry VIII and his wife Catherine of Aragon. The last owner of the castle, Lady Baillie, bequeathed it to a charitable trust so it can be opened to the public. 

    What makes Leeds Castle a top wedding venue? The grounds and gardens with carpets of lush blooms and views by the river Len are stunning for unforgettable pictures. There’s also a sense of awe at having wedded at the place once populated by royalty and famous personages in history.

    1. St. Donat’s Castle, Wales 

    A duel and a radical transformation in the later centuries, such is the history of St. Donat’s Castle in Wales. While it was the home of the Stradling family, who built the gardens and grounds, for four centuries, it was William Randolph Hearst and his “improvements” that put the property on the map.   

    What makes St. Donat’s Castle a top wedding venue? The now-famous phrase “What God would have built if he had the money” can best describe the place. It has an onsite church that can house a hundred guests. More importantly, it touts the Tudor gardens and terraces, which descend to the coastline for a spectacular photo op.

    1. Dundas Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland 

    The Scottish castle was built in the 15th century. The Stewart-Clark family continues to call this its home, consisting of three buildings, including the pavilion, and acres of parkland. For those yearning for a destination wedding, the five-star venue offers the experience. 

    What makes Dundas Castle a top wedding venue? The castle is designated an exclusive-use venue, which means only you and your significant other and your bunch of guests have the place to yourselves during the special day. This virtual tour is a good head start. 

    1. Luttrellstown Castle, Dublin, Ireland 

    To be clear, this castle is not located in the UK, but near Dublin, Ireland. Still, it is worthwhile to mention because of the famous people who have graced its halls. The 15th-century castle counts the aristocratic members of society and business magnates as its former and current owners. 

    What makes Luttrellstown Castle a top wedding venue? David Beckham and Victoria Adams exchanged their vows there in 1999. That pretty much made the castle instantly famous. Story has it that the Beckhams held an intimate ceremony in a small chapel tucked in the estate.

    Weddings are truly romantic, and castles provide this perfect backdrop for a celebration of love. Do you want to get married in a castle? Tell us about it in the comments section.


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