Top 22 Marathons in the World


    The top 22 marathons in the world have been put together (through extensive research) by This isn’t just a list, but also provides additional information about the specific marathon race. This includes where they happen, when, the cost per entry, the elevation of the route, and much more.

    Some of the top 22 marathons in the world included in the list include:

    • New York City Marathon – The New York City Marathon had a massive 51,388 runners in 2016, despite the majority being entered into a ballot upon applying.
    • Ottawa Race Weekend – A big event also including smaller runs for those not looking for a full marathon, this is Canada’s best foot-race offering.
    • Athens Classic Marathon – In many senses, the longest-running marathon in the world (since the original Marathon was during the Athenian-Persian Battle of Marathon), the Athens Classic is still one of the world’s most popular. It also has one of the lowest entry costs, at only about $69.

    Top 22 Marathons in the Wolrd

    Check out the Infographic:

    See infographic here

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