Top 12 Favorite Pinterest Fails

    We’ve all done it…scrolled through Pinterest and said, “I could sooooo do that!”

    And then this happens…

    -But thanks to, at least we know we’re not the only ones who totally suck at crafts…

    12. #LeggoMyEggoFail


    11. #IsThatABananaInYourPocketFail


    10. #PourSomeSugarOnMeFail


    9. #NailedItFailedIt


    8.  #LogRollingOrRollingLogWhateverItSucksFail


    7.  #SeriousMermaidFail


    6. #StrainedPeasFail


    5. #GoesTogetherLikeBeer&CookiesFail


    4. #StrawberryFallsTooShortCakeFail


    3. #CookieMonsterWouldntTouchYouWithA10FootPoleFail


    2. #ChocolateCoverThisMessUpFail


    1. #JelloAreYouFrigginKiddingMeWithThisFail

    It is perhaps in your best interest to stay off of Pinterest.

    May be crafts just ain’t your thing… Our advise, get a new hobby!  

    If at first you don’t succeed, post your epic fails on social media for ongoing judgement and abuse. 


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