#10. Holding Hands

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    I feel like nowadays the only couples you see holding hands are very young couples or very old couples. Somewhere in between the years of young love, to married 30 plus years, we lost the art of holding hands. When your young this is the first form of intimacy you have with your crush and although such a simple act, it’s enough to make your heart explode out of your chest.

    #9. Making Out


    When was the last time you made out with your significant other? Many of you are probably looking back at your drunken college days and having flashbacks of that random guy/ girl at a bar- but we aren’t talking about that. When was the last time you made out with someone that you LOVED? Like butterflies in your stomach… Kissing each other till your lips hurt… It’s probably been a while. Go get your mints and get to work!

    #8. Boys Coming To Your Door

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    Dating in your younger years is a lot different than dating in your adult years- for many obvious reasons. But one reason in particular that stands out is the fact that it was a MUST that your parents meet whatever boy that was coming around your house before you did anything or went anywhere with him. Not to take away the awkwardness of the situation because I’m sure for the guy it doesn’t matter how old you are, meeting parents is always nerve racking, but as you get older “meeting the parents” has become more of a waiting game that defines how serious your relationship is.

    #7. Talking On The Phone All Night

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    The good old landline. With all of technology’s advances, forms of communication have definitely shifted. Now you s interact with people more through email, text or social media than any other outlet.

    #6. Making Mix Tapes of Love Songs

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    #5. Making Love Scrapbooks

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    #4. Having A Song

    couple slow dancing

    #3. Writing Love Notes


    #2. Wearing Your Boyfriend’s Stuff

    boyfriend shirt

    #1. Just Enjoying Each Other Doing Absolutely Nothing

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    As we get older our expectations of dates get a lot higher. We want to be wined and dined, but what ever happened to just being happy doing absolutely nothing?

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