Tips on Renting a Cabin in Big Bear

    Big Bear is a city in California that runs along the shore of the Big Bear Lake. With the San Bernandino National Forest surrounding the city, you will find some of the most breathtaking sceneries and views from the high peaks of the mountains. 

    Planning a trip can be difficult, especially when it comes to coordinating details like the date, number of people, costs, and other things. Finding lodging, for instance, can sometimes be troublesome since you want to find a place that fits your preferred dates, and is also convenient and cozy. Booking a hotel may be your classic option, but when visiting Big Bear, there is no doubt that you should try one of the many cabins for rent in Big Bear

    Vacation cabins are emerging as a popular form of accommodation for locals and tourists alike. In 2018, about 9 million housing units were used as a second home, either professionally managed or rented out, or both. The continuous growth in the vacation rental industry stems from the fact that more and more people are recognizing the beauty of having a cozy and flexible cabin to stay in during their vacation. 

    Plan Your Search Early

    Even though there are several cabins for rent in Big Bear, it is still best that you plan early. If possible, start about six months ahead of time to get the best deals and prices. Although six months may seem like a long time, cabin rentals can fill up extremely quickly, especially during the peak seasons. With Big Bear being a prime vacation destination, you may find it challenging to get a booking if you plan much later. 

    Read the Contract and Policies 

    Different companies will have different policies, so you must read through the contract before affixing your signature. At times, you may find yourself so excited to find the perfect spot overlooking the shores of the Big Bear Lake that you forget to read the contract. 

    Typically, you have to look out for information like amenities and inclusions, or who is liable to pay for things like utility bills. Some contracts may also require the primary tenant to be of a certain age to be held responsible for any possible damage in the property. 

    Another essential thing to look out for is any disclaimer about critters or other animals. With Big Bear being in a mountainous region, it is possible that, despite the owner’s best efforts to keep it clean, you may encounter insects in certain cabins. Likewise, dogs or cats may roam around the area even though the cabin does not permit pets. The latter is particularly crucial, especially if you have any allergies that may be caused by pets. 

    Take Photographs Upon Check-in and Check-out

    Although quite unusual, a tip you can make use of is to take a photograph of your cabin and all the areas of the property on day one. This way, you can record any possible pre-existing damages or problem areas that were already there from the time you arrived. You can take more photographs before you check-out, then compare the photographs and see whether there was any new damage throughout your stay.

    Renting a vacation cabin will often come with some form of a security deposit that you can get back at the end of your trip if there is no damage done to the property. Thus, failure to record any damaged areas at the start of your trip might make you liable for being negligent and cause you to lose the deposit you made. 


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