Tips on How to Use Funny Messages So as to Increasing Traffic to Your Online Shop in 2018

    The messaging platform you use can be disastrous or if used carefully, will help your business grow. In our relationships either at the family level, the social level or professional level, you just need to be careful since it is one of the areas where messaging can destroy your reputation. Imaging sending funny texts to your mummy and the topic in discussion is something you wouldn’t even want the person next to you to know. This is the reason why phone use etiquette advice you that you should double check before dialing or sending out a message. In Sales and marketing, funny texts can be a very successful sales tool if you apply it well. Here are some of the things you need to know so as to use hilarious texts as a marketing tool.

    Identify Your Self When Sending the Messages

    Don’t take for granted that the recipient will know who you are automatically. It is not easy to earn that minute to pass your message without identifying yourself. It is important that the company developing for you the messaging platform finds a way that will automatically be used to identify you in the text message. People read texts and do as asked to do only if they know who it comes from. You can include the line “From XYZ LTD” this will help the recipient to know who you are.  Therefore the person will know that because he is a loyal client of yours, or because you have value-added products, then he will afford some seconds to read and share the text message. Otherwise, the person will not share the message, and further, he will not even keep it to do what you asked them. No matter how hilarious a text is, make sure you identify the sender.

    Give the Customer a Chance to Subscribe to the Service

    Not every customer will want to receive funny messages from you. On the other side, nobody will come to you asking that you start sending them a funny message every day at midday. So what do you do? The easiest approach is sending the first text to everyone, and then you can include a clause that says “To Receive This and More From XYZ LTD Reply with *”. The service provider developing the marketing platform for you should be able to give you this option it is very essential. The reason why this is important is that not every person wants those messages. It will actually save you since you will not pay for a message that is not adding value to your sales campaign.

    Be Direct and Brief

    People don’t have the whole day to read through your message. The briefer it is the better for you since the message will get home quickly.  Again, be clear since the customers don’t have time to ponder what it is you were saying in your text message. This will motivate the person to share the hilarious message and at the same time a link to your website.

    Therefore, next time you are looking for a way to attract traffic to your website through messages, apply the above tips.


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