Tips For Brands to Thrive on Twitter

    Have you ever thought about using social media to market your brand or business? Have you started using Twitter to market your brand but have no idea what you are doing or how to go about it effectively?

    So many brands, new and old, large and small, think that just having a social media account on various platforms is enough and will result in instant growth and traffic to their websites. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case. Social media marketing is an intense process that requires, hard work, time, and dedication. There is a process to follow and specific guidelines that businesses should adapt in their social media marketing strategy in order to maximize their reach and growth potential. Twitter is one of the apps that is extremely fast-paced so organization is important when it comes to posting and engaging with followers. 

    If you don’t know where to begin, here are a few tips to help your brand thrive on Twitter.

    Have a tweeting schedule

    Twitter is a social media platform that expands its reach worldwide across all different time zones. This means that different users from around the world are active a different times throughout the day depending on where they live. By having a tweeting schedule you allow your content to be seen by as many people as possible. The best way to go about creating a schedule is to post multiple times a day and see which times the posts gain the most traction. Alternatively, tools like Twesocial excel in Twitter automation. After a few weeks of research on this, it will be clear which times are the most optimal to post, reaching users at the peak of their interaction such as in the morning, before work, or in the evening after dinner. This schedule shouldn’t just be limited to one post a day either, by posting multiple times a day at the right times you increase your chances of exposure. 


    It’s all very well to be constantly posting about your product or service and advertising persistently but the app was not designed to be a marketing service. People’s main purpose for using Twitter is to be entertained and to pass the time. No one wants to just see a feed full of advertisements. Pushing or directly advertising it definitely not the best way to go about your marketing strategy. 

    Twitter is fantastic in that it allows users to directly engage with followers through comments, direct messages, likes, and retweets. By engaging with your followers you make them feel noticed and appreciated, and everyone loves this. Try spending a bit of time replying to comments and direct messages, or go and follow back a few of your followers and like some of their posts. 

    Do audits 

    Seeing your follower count go up and up is a fantastic feeling but underneath the surface, if you are not engaging with these people or they are not engaging with you, the followers are practically useless to you. You can find out how much engagement you are receiving from followers and other users by doing full audits on your account. 

    Have a look at what time posts are doing the best, make note of how many likes, comments, and retweets your content is getting. Having a look at all of this will help you make an informed decision about what should be improved, what isn’t working with the marketing strategy, and where you are actually getting things right. By doing this, you allow yourself the opportunity to optimize the growth of your brand on Twitter.

    Tweet structure 

    All tweets have a structure and form to them and it is important to find a style and structure that suits you and your niche or brand. Not only should you have a look at how cohesive your own content is, but you should also research the tweets of the most popular brands and how they structure their tweets for maximum engagement. Pay attention to the tweets that are being retweeted the most as see what you can draw from them and take inspiration from to incorporate into your own content. For example, it is more likely that tweets containing a link will be retweeted more than one that doesn’t have one. 


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